Geofence for phones

I have three phones (2 x s7 and 1 x iphone 6 plus). My wife and I have the S7 and our geofence works pretty well since we actually leave the area that the fence is showing. This shows our status as inactive when we are away from home. The problem is my daughter iphone. Her iphone always shows her as active since her school is a couple of blocks away and inside the geofence. Is there a way to make her phone have a smaller geofence as I still want her active and we are able to see when she arrives etc…


GPS geofence is what it is. If she is staying within the 1/4mile radius regularly your only real option if a ZigBee arrival sensor.

I have 1 in each car, one on wife’s purse and one in the daughter’s backpack.

Here is a thread @JDRoberts started on FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

Also worth trying is Life360 smartapp and phone app.

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Yes, I recommend the Life 360 Option. Within the app you can adjust the fence down to 500ft. Then use the Life360 smart app in ST to read the location from Life360. I use this option since we have a roommate and seems to work well.

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