Generic Zigbee Bulbs?

Has anyone had any luck adding generic zigbee bulbs to their ST? I know they are putting out a Zigbee signal because I can get an old Iris hub to see them and am Osram Hub to see them. I can even get them to pair with both of those. But it doesn’t know what they are.
I cannot even get these to be recognized by ST though. Tried resetting the hub, resetting the lights, and moving the lights. I’m at a loss.

These are the ones I’m trying:
Smart LED Light Bulb,ZigBee Lightify RGBW Tunable White and Color, 60W Equivalent,7W A19 Bulbs, Smartphone Wireless Remote APP Control,Works with Amazon Alexa

Hi Jaron try going to this site and adding the bulb from there, it has a long list of devices for you to manually select and add your device.

There isn’t really such a thing as a “generic zigbee bulb” because zigbee allows for different “profiles” so you need to know what profile The device is using.

In the case of lightbulbs, they would normally be using either the ZHA profile or the ZLL profile or the new Zigbee 3.0 profile.

Bulbs which are using the ZHA profile should be able to be used directly with the Smartthings hub, although they may require custom code.

Bulbs which are certified for the ZLL profile are, Per the specs, supposed to fall back to a ZHA profile when joined to a ZHA hub. However, they don’t all do so properly, which is why some bulbs will work with the hue bridge (ZLL) but not when connected directly to smartthings without the use of the bridge.

And some bulbs which are using the new 3.0 profile can only join through “touchlink commissioning” which is a ZLL feature not supported by the smartthings hub.

Based on the comments and the seller responses for the product you linked to, it looks like those particular bulbs will require touchlink commissioning, which is why they would work with the hue bridge but they are not going to work when joined to smartthings directly.

There appear to be some language issues with the seller, and they are trying to tell people that these will need a ZLL bridge, but they are not communicating that clearly, and keep just saying “zigbee” which is not specific enough.

So if you want to try these bulbs, my first suggestion would be to get a Hue bridge and see if they will work with that. If they will, then you can use the official smartthings/hue integration and control the bulbs that way.

Thanks! The seller ended up admitting that they don’t work with SmartThings directly like they tell you at first. I returned them.

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