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GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control, 3-Speed, In-Wall

(Paul) #41

Quick question about the GE smart fan controller and the harmony hub. I have the harmony controller that controls smartthings devices. I can turn the fan off and on, and adjust the speed with a rocker switch. Only thing is that since smartthings controls the fan like a dimmer, I have to press the down button several times to slow down the fan. In the harmony app it sees it just as a dimmer as well. Its just a bit annoying


what is your quick question?

(Paul) #43

Sorry, the question was. Is there a way to have the harmony adjust the fan speeds with just one up or down click, vs having to “dim” the fan until it reaches the right level to change the speed.


not sure if this would work for you:

see if switching device handlers for your fan works better with your use case

(Paul) #45

Yes, I’m actually using that one. It really just uses “buttons” to set the dim level to a custom level, like High is 75%, med is 50% and low is 25%. Works great when using the app. I can also use the echo to say “Set fan to 50%” which also works just fine. Thing is when I’m watching TV. I don’t want to have to open the app, or yell at the echo. The Harmony remote does “work”, but it sees the device as a dimmer, so what it does is changes the dim level by a few % each time I click the down button. eventually I dims enough to change the speed to the next threshold.

was really just hoping someone had come up with a creative way to have the harmony set the dim level to preconfigured levels like the custom DTH


I see. I have harmony as well and see how that would be crazy annoying…I have to dust off my harmony to get my annoying level up to help with finding a harmony solution…strength in numbers :sunglasses:

(Paul) #47

I’m thinking webcore might be able to do this for me. Gonna play a little bit, and get back

(Scott G) #48

Take note of the % that it changes by with a single press. If it’s consistent, then modify the setLevel() command to look for a change of that % and instead modify the speed up/down as appropriate.

If it’s not consistent, you’ll have to do more work. Maybe check that it isn’t exactly at the Low/Med/High percent and if not, if it’s higher than previous level go up one speed level; otherwise go lower.

(Joshua) #49

Any chance you have a link to one? I just installed my fan switch and was bummed that it was showing as a dimmer


Here you. I use this one.