GE smart switch for 4-way?

I have a question about smart switches. I have a two lights controlled by 3 light switches. I was looking at one of the current switches, and it is labelled as “4-way.”

For 3 way switches in my house, I have been using the GE 12722 Smart Switch and accompanying paddle 12723. Can I simply buy another 12723 and voila, I have the components for installing the 4-way? In other words, can you wire a 4-way switch with one 12722 and two 12723?

I can’t find any smart switches that specifically say they are for 4-way switches, so I am a bit confused about my next move here. Typically folks are pretty good about posting the exact models they are working with on these forums, but the 4-way posts I have found on here aren’t specifying them for some reason (or they are really old posts)


You just add another slave switch (12723).

Yup. Did my first one today. Hopefully you have neutral wires behind all your switches.

Cool thanks guys, just ordered another slave switch