GE Mytouchsmart WIFI in wall smart switch won’t pair (with iPhone)

The app has that logo, but the box doesn’t. It has the GE logo.

See that little asterisk…it’s on the side panel. :slight_smile:

And this comes in the box:

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Which isn’t shown on most online listings or reviews. And it still has the GE logo.

You’re absolutely right that if you know what to look for, you could find it. But as far as a typical customer just picking up their first smart switch, I’m not surprised if it’s confusing.

This is the flipside of the fact that so many different things work with SmartThings. :wink:

If you use one of the home automation platforms where you basically get a choice of four or five specific model switches and that’s it, then you buy one of those and you’re done.

With SmartThings, you have a choice of literally dozens of different possible switch candidates: but that also means there are dozens more incompatible devices. And wading through all of that can be confusing for quite a few people. :sunglasses:

But if you bought this switch to pair directly with your phone, would you download ST or the app the switch tells you to download? I just don’t understand why the leap to ST if you’re not already a ST user. And if you are, you would know to look for one that says “Works With Smart Things”. Right?

You might have a Samsung high-end television or robot vacuum or other appliances and have been using the SmartThings app because of that.

And I think most people would be educated to look for “works with smartthings“ if those were the only devices that work with SmartThings. But as I mentioned upthread, there are hundreds of devices without that label that do work with smartthings, and some of them are very popular.

Beyond that, lots of people don’t know the difference between the different protocols. We get those questions in the forum pretty often. Even on something like a thermostat: some Honeywell smart thermostats work with smartthings, and some don’t.

You know my first rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ But a lot of people don’t learn that until the first time they select a model that ends up not working. :wink:

Obviously this is an area where people vary a lot, so it doesn’t surprise me at all if someone with your technical background and expertise doesn’t get confused. I’m one of those people who read the user manual before I buy the product. But I also recognize that there are a lot of people who never read the user manual at all.

Smartthings doesn’t do a lot of pre-sale education for their customers. And even if they did, the fact that the platform works with so many different devices that aren’t on the official compatibility list would still create the opportunity for some confusion.

So I believe absolutely that you don’t find it confusing. I just also believe that there are other people who will. :sunglasses:

I’m guessing it works WITH the Alexa or google home. I’m just trying to pair the switch directly to my phone and control it. No middle man. Any suggestions?

Sure… how about the advice I provided earlier in this thread?

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See my post 16 above. This isn’t the right forum to help you, but I gave you the link to the correct support line in that post. :sunglasses:

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It says it right here:
you need the MyTS app to connect with Google Home or Alexa. It’s literally in the picture that you posted.

Raymond I am having the same issue. I am using the WiFi outlets and they are not connecting. It will not pick it up and the button does not set it into manuel mode like it is supposed to. I am going to call them next week and see if GE has a solution.