GE Jasco Z-wave Smart Remotes (CES 2017)

That is unfortunate and disappointing.

I agree except has SmartThings expanded central scene support? Which built-in locally running device type handlers support central scene?

Basically, direct zwave association is more effort to setup. But what are the alternatives in SmartThings?

Good question. To be honest, I don’t know if SmartThings has any local support for devices using z wave central scene commands.


Let me broaden the question, what support is there for central scene in the cloud? And for which devices is central scene supported?

Are there any without using a custom dth?

At present, the hub itself doesn’t have any special activities for central scene commands. Instead, the DTH processes the central scene number and reports it as a button press.

I don’t know whether there are any stock device type handlers that use that methodology or not. There are lots of popular devices using custom DTHs that do, including for the Homeseer switches.

Latest response from Jasco as of Aug 6, 2019:

Looking further into this it looks like the instruction manual needs to be worked on for the products. There are still some imperfections and we hope to get them done soon. Once they get approved they will give us a time when the product will be released for sale.

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Enjoy guys!!


nice! so it pairs with the standard Z-wave remote handler and then you’re using associations to control the devices? will the magnetic tray not fit behind the switch plate without an entire empty gang in a switch box?

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I didn’t watch the whole video yet, but you can use the Z wave tweaker DTH with pretty much any mains powered zwave device to set parameters and associations. So people don’t need to have the additional zwave remote to do that. :sunglasses:

You just add your Z wave device normally, then use the IDE to temporarily change it to the Z wave Tweaker. Make whatever changes you want, which will be stored in the firmware of the device, and then manually change it back to your regular DTH. It’s very cool code. :tada:

( The topic title is a clickable link)

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Z-Wave Tweaker is a must have!


Do the buttons support double tapping?

I can try to see if double tap appears in logs, will let you know this week. :slight_smile:


I do know that the scene ones, (4 different shapes) support long press for 8 scenes if that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Does their manual say how long the battery life is and what type of battery it takes? Just curious because I think the picos say 10 years. Would love for a Z-Wave option! This is exciting!

How soon can we get these?! I am trying to wait patiently.

Same coin battery as lutron picos :slight_smile:


That only has a little to do with the expected battery life, however. For example, there are many Z wave devices that use the same battery as a comparable Zigbee device but the Zigbee device almost always has a battery life of about 25% longer. Part of the power management has to do with the protocol itself, and Z wave just isn’t particularly good at battery operated devices.

My own expectation would be about a three-year battery life for the GE 34172 And somewhat less for the 34176 under typical use . But you can write Jasco support and ask. :sunglasses:

Does anyone know if these have been publicly released yet? Or a release date? I still haven’t seen anything…

Nothing yet.

3 years later, and these things still are only a CES pipe dream. Not sure who @LoganMarshall1 bribed to get his hands on some, but still not publicly sold!