GE/Jasco motion sensing switches (26931) and motion sensing dimmers (26933)

These devices are making their way out to the market now, for those who haven’t caught them yet. They are available straight from the Jasco retail site as well as other electronics distributors.

With mine arriving tomorrow, I’m wondering how they’ll wind up pairing. I imagine right off the bat they’ll pair as a generic zwave switch, or similar. I’m not certain the motion and luminance sensor is open for reporting yet, but presumably someone with ST or a community member will find a way to facilitate those interactions with a modified device handler?

I’m glad to help however I can - I’ll likely be installing them tomorrow afternoon and can report back what I find.

According to @tslagle13 getting a DTH has been "prioritized "

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Well shoot, hadn’t realized there was another thread - even did a search first.

I’ll post up in the other thread what happens when I connect tomorrow :slight_smile:

Here is the thread for the latest versions going forward: