GE Jasco In Wall Z-Wave Smart Motion Switch reporting

I picked up this in wall Z-Wave Smart Motion Switch. The box has it as a ZW4006, but I’m not sure if that is the model number. One is not readily available. It is labeled “enbrighten”.

Anyway, it is included in my network and works fine except… when it turns on the lights by way of the motion sensor, the ST app still shows it being “OFF” (see screenshot when lights are on by way of motion). If I turn the switch on by way of the app and the motion sensor turns them off at the set time, the app still shows the lights as “ON”. It is like there are two different switches in the same device. Can this be synchronized so the motion and switch report the correct status?


Are you using a default / generic handler? Someone created a custom handler for this device but I don’t have one so I don’t know whether it addresses your issue.

It included quickly and showed up as Z-Wave Device Multichannel. I tried other stock handlers but nothing seems to work. It is listed as works with SmartThings, but I guess it is not listed as “Works Well with SmartThings”

I gave that handler a try. The switch now works like a regular switch. The motion does not work.