GE 26933 motion not working

I’ve been wrestling with the GE 26933 Z-Wave Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch for the last few days. I’ve been able to add it as a device and can turn it on and off and change the dimming from the SmartThings app. What I haven’t been able to get working is the motion sensor. I created a Smart Lighting SmartApp to turn on the light and set the level to 80% when there is motion. When I go in the room nothing happens. I also tried creating an automation, but there is no option to trigger based on motion.
I tried going the webCoRE route and when I select the device as part of an if statement, there is no motion option.

I’ve tried multiple DTHs and am currently using the 1.0.9 version by Michael Struck. There are two others that I found ( and which both give errors when I try to add them in the IDE.

It is very frustrating that turning lights on and off is such a difficult thing. It’s amazing that there are no smart motion dimmers out there that just plug in and work without having to copy code and go through all these manual processes. I hope there is someone out there who has gotten this to work that can point me in the right direction.

Please post your questions in the thread for this device. Michael is very helpful and im sure we can get it working for you.

Those other two links you posted are for Hubitat and will not work unmodified with SmartThings.

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