GE 12722 and 12723 Wiring Problem

I am trying to replace a three way switch in my house with the 12722 and traveler 12723 switches. I’m running into a problem where I can’t get the switch to work. I am discovering that there are two “line” wires coming into each switch. I’ve got a hot, neutral and traveler in each switch. I would have expected to only have a line in for one switch.

Looking at this site for your wiring config. Which option do you think you have? By your description I assume you have option 8? 3 wires total at each switch box?

The best thing to do would be to take pictures of all the wires in each switch box you have available.

The first thing people must remember to do is find which switch box is connect to the ‘power’ and find which one is actually connected to the light.

Once you work that part out, the rest of what you’re supposed to do follows pretty logically.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I was able to get it sorted. I had some wiring incorrect… (obviously)… had to ring out some wires and figure out what my electrician had used for what.

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I find whenever I mess with 3-way, 4-way, etc I put energy into sorting out where the load is and where the line is. Then from there it gets clear pretty quickly.