Garage sensor and mailbox sensor questions

I bought one of the Iris door sensors that I plan on putting on the garage door. Also, I pout the motion sensor that came with the ST kit in the mailbox. I live in GA but it doesn’t get that cold. Will the battery life or sensor life on either of these suffer greatly?

I know there are other alternatives for a mailbox sensor but does anyone actually use the regular ST motion for this purpose with long term success?

I was surprised the ST motion sensor works in my metal mailbox. But it did when I tested it.

Is there any way to set up a text/notification for just that mailbox sensor separate from the others? I would want that alert daily no matter what the mode is on the others.

Geez. Just checked after an hour out in the mailbox and the temp is 65F but the battery is 88%. Everything else is still 100%. I’ve only had it ~4 days.

Not really. I use the Iris door sensors in both of my refrigerators (30’s F) and freezers (0’s to -20F), and while the battery lowered quickly, it leveled out and have been rock solid for many many months.

Yup. You can use CoRE, or you can do what I do and use a custom rule within SHM. Works perfectly with an open/close sensor, and looking at my rule, you can select a motion sensor instead.

That’s normal for these sensors because they report in ranges, not actual % levels. I’ve had several sensors move around from one range to another, and several that are going on over a year and are still at 77%. There are a few discussions in the Community about how these sensors report battery levels. If you d a search you’ll get some good info.

Thanks. I have read a few things on CoRE and I don’t think I am ready for that. Not sure I have even heard of SHM. Any chance there’s a tutorial for that one?

That’s normal. These report in tiers.

SHM is smart home monitor, an official feature. If you set up a “custom” notification in SHM, you can select just one sensor.