Full Air BnB Shclage Connect Integration for multiple property listings

I believe what @maddie was communicating to you was that for reliable ST performance you should have repeaters close to your locks to create a strong mesh. You can choose not to have any repeaters. Most folks who use our software find that having repeaters make programming more reliable especially if you have a large number of locks.

However if you’re sure that your locks won’t have any issue with the mesh go ahead and use them without repeaters. We are just sharing best practices to make your experience with ST hassle free.

As @tgauchat pointed out, our software has nothing to with the mesh. The apps run on the ST platform.

If things are working great for you with any repeaters, excellent! However if you start seeing programming issues you can always add a repeater or two. I don’t think you need 6 repeaters (z wave has a limit of 4 hops anyways).