FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

Thank you! So I believe I got everything to mimic your pic and I like the output which helped me find a leaky toilet at one of my rentals. But I lost the functionality to automatic shut-off water valve after 25 minutes continous flow and I no longer get notified of continous water flow of more than 15 minutes. Did I overwrite the code somehow?

Ok that’s good that you got things going again, so let’s focus on FortrezZ’s smartapps.

How did you get the meter working again? Did you remove it and add it back to SmartThings?

I’ll have to install FortrezZ’s apps to see what’s up because I don’t use those anymore, but they did work when I tested the updated DTH a few weeks ago.

Yes. I reset the interface, and that removed the meter and made me reinstall. I am concerned that overwrote code, but I see them in the Smart App section and I see them in the logging. But the push notification and command is not performing.

Ok, you probably need to back onto the SmartApp and select the meter again.

I just installed their SmartApps and will test again shortly. I have my own version of their smartapps that does more, so let me double check with their apps.

Ok, I believe I know where the issue is. Stay tuned. I’ll be updating my code shortly and running a few more tests.

yeah! Thank you!

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Can you get my updated code from Github and try FortrezZ’s apps again please?

Yep. I am about 10 minutes away from home now.

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No worries. I remember a long time ago I found an error in FortrezZ’s smartapp code related to how it handles getting time frames. Watch your live logging and if you see an error regarding something like “doCall on line 184”, then you’ll need updated SmartApps.

You’ll want to remove your old versions of those, including deleting the child rules first in the mobile app. Then delete the parent. Once you do that, delete the child code and parent code from the IDE. Here’s the updated code:



You’ll notice you have a few more options. To replicate your legacy continuous flow rules, select Continuous Flow (gpm over time).

I am having a little trouble locating the code on github. Is there a link or a name to search under?

It’s in the first post in this topic:

Were you able to get the code and make the changes I recommended?

I just updated the code to fix another issue I found, so please get the latest release on Github. Trying to support FortrezZ’s legacy smartapp code while enhancing and updating the DTH code for the new app can be a bit challenging.

I was able to get the code and make the changes. It still didn’t push the commands to shut off water valve or send notifications. I will try your new changes, later this evening.

Thank you so much for your work on this!

Did you use the updated SmartApps? It’s working for me using the updated DTH code and SmartApp code.

Here are the live logging events. My flow test was just for 1 minute, and it sent the notification and turned off my valve:


Here’s my SmartApp settings:


I think everything is working now. I am still using old smart apps. I will keep testing before rolling it out to all properties.

Thanks for your help!



Ok. So, everything works technically. The water valve shuts off after specified time and I get the reports after continuous flow after the specified time. So so so close. Here is the new issue: Let’s say I have the time for the shut off to occur at 60 minutes continuously flowing. I run the water for 15 minutes, then shut off water for 10 minutes, then water again for 15 minutes, then again shut off water for another 15 minutes, this occurs until the water has been running on and off again for 60 minutes. The water command tells the valve to shut off, even though water hasn’t constantly flowed for the 60 minutes as specified. This also occurs with the continuous flow reports. It’s like the language is looking at total, and not stopping at 0 flow and resetting.

Thanks again,


Yup, that’s kind of what I though may happen if you’re using the new DTH and their older SmartApps. If you notice in my screenshots above, the updated SmartApps will log an event that shows when flow stops and then waits for it to start again.

First, double check that you’re using the latest DTH. It should be only 269 lines. If you have any doubt, you can always grab a copy from Github.

As soon as I get out of work I’ll replicate using the updated SmartApps to make sure they’re not doing that, with 3 minutes of continuous flow so that testing can get done fairly quick.

Ok, here we go.

In summary, use the latest DTH code and updated SmartApps.

(click on the images to enlarge)

Child app set to look for continuous flow for over 2 minutes and notify and turn on a light:

Watching flow then stopped, which reset the timer:

Waited a minute and ran some more water for a little over a minute. It stopped and reset the timer:

More water running, then stopped and time reset. Note that I’ve run water for well over my 2 minute limit, but not all at once, so no notification or light turning on:

Water running for over 2 minutes. Notification sent and lights turned on: (log was too long to show, so it’s the first and last part)

(lot of logging)

ok. Just to clarify there is a Parent and Child Forezz icon on phone in Smartthings Application that I need to delete for each property location? or is there a files located somewhere else. Then I need to delete the Smart App, Child first then Parent, under “Smart Apps” tab on Smart Things Website? Then add Child first then Parent under “Smart Apps” tab on Smart Things Website. Then back on phone. Is this correct? The phone part is where I couldn’t figure out the other day, then I went back to old Smart apps.


i believe everything is now working.

Thank you!

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