FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

Hi @Natec

I’m not sure why it would just start working, but I would have to imagine that it’s related to getting the proper Edge driver assigned to the device.

Since you don’t have it in Home Monitor, the only place left to check will be under Notification Settings and to disable the device there. It can be found this way:

Menu (bottom right of the app) → Notifications → tap on the three vertical dots and then tap on Notification Settings → find your water meter and turn off notifications for it

My driver doesn’t expose the reset command in the mobile app (so someone doesn’t accidentally reset the meter), but there are now two ways to reset this meter. One is described above in my first post. The other and very handy solution is with the new web app ST just released. If you’ve not seen that yet, you absolutely need to start using it:

To send or control any device via the new advanced user app, go to Devices and find your meter. Scroll down until you see Commands. Click on “resetEnergyMeter” and it will be reset immediately.

Glad to hear that its’ working for you!

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