For Sale: Spruce irrigation controller with 3 soil sensors


(Alex K ) #1

Not sure if this is the correct place but I just replaced my irrigation controller and would like to sell my Spurce setup.
I had used it for one season and it worked great.
Its the zigbee model.
Comes with box, power adapter, 2 screws
Also included are 3 soil sensors with new batteries. Also have boxes for each one.

I’m asking $225 shipped in CONUS. If you are interested please message me. Prices are OBO.
I’m located in North NJ


(Alex K ) #2

Any interest? Flexible on the price

(Azat) #3

if someone wants controller only, I may buy sensors

(Alex K ) #4

No takers yet. If you want I can sell sensors separately. PM me your offer and we’ll go from there


Interested sent you a pm

(Alex K ) #6

Still available. Flexible on price


Hi. I might be interested in buying your setup. Is it still available? If yes, can we chat offline?

(Alex K ) #8

Package has been sold