Flic Button Alternatives

I have several GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Switches and Dimmers. I’d like to also be able to turn them on and off with a button, even in areas away from the actual GE Switches. Is there any reliable alternative to say a Flic button? At $34 per button, they cost more than the actual switches! Any ideas? Thanks for any pointers.

See the buttons FAQ (this is a clickable link). Some of the listings are battery powered, some are mains powered, some are restricted to one region, so read the entries carefully to make sure they match your needs.

Pkease ask follow on questions about any particular model in the discussion thread for that model or in this thread. Leave the FAQ thread itself just for device entries. :sunglasses:

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Some people using a raspberry pi have been able to use an amazon dash button as a button controller

The buttons themselves are only around $5.