Fix a hue diffuser

I have a broken hue bulb. the diffuser is cracked on one side and i have a jagged 1x1 inch square that is missing. looks like I can use a 3d printer to replace/repair the diffuser but i wanted to see if anyone had other idea first. the bulb still works but pretty useless with broken diffuser

PHILIPS HUE White & Color Ambiance A19 Single Bulb

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GOOP toluene-base glue with air or cloudy particles whipped into it. Silicone glue. Translucent plastic lids cut to size.

Why is it useless with a broken diffuser? The light is so irregular? It might be hard to get an even diffusion anyway without a complete replacement.

really hard to explain how it looks but its like you can see the individual led lights reflecting . when its set to soft white it still shows blue and other colors shining out… but if i lay a translucent piece of plastic over it then it looks like it should. it gets pretty warm so i was tossing ideas around and i thought someone here may have already been through the trial and error of fixing one. the bulb is 50 bucks normally so if i can fix for 2 bucks I’m going to fix it

This the kind of thing you are looking for?

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yea i was thinking of printing one but im not sure if i have access to the right filament or how many hours it would take