First Alert ZCOMBO event log check and founding

Recently I found this smoke detector haven’t report battery status ( should every 2 days ) and Apps “device health” show a red dot. After check the event log, I found many online / offline / ping.

I suspect it should be weak signal issue ( not far away ~10m and not in direct eyesign). Finally I relocate the Hub for a try and still under monitoring, I will report the result.

Suggest everyone should perform a check, there are no clear notification, I think it work well and protect me but in fact not.

Many people have found the official health check feature to be buggy. I think the most common complaint is it may show a device as unavailable when it is actually working just fine.

SmartThings has never been great about actively notifying the user if a device fails to check in.

But there are several smartapps developed by the community that can be setup to notify you if a specific device (or devices) hasn’t checked in for x amount of time.

Simple Device Viewer is one popular smartapp that can do it. There are a couple others too, that’s just the first one that comes to mind.


Thanks for the info.

I add the detector about 4 months, it always green icon and just notice 1 or 2 times got red dot.

Those offline / online message won’t show in Apps ( should be offiical set not display ), I think this design was a big mistake, why not set to display ?

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For 2 days, no any “offline / online / ping” now.