First alert combo

Hey folks. Just wondering here about these units. Ive installed 3 in my house and wondering if there is any type of test communication you could do from within the app. They paired flawlessly and are on my system but, id like to test them without having to get on a ladder to push a button. For the computer folks out there, I almost see this like a network ping command. Right now I just go to the device and I see a battery level. Not much else to do to “test” it periodically. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

now I may be wrong, however I believe they self test. I heard all mine my chirp in unison not long ago and reviewing the activity log seems I saw where they testing themselves.

@outguy, these types of devices are called “sleepy” zwave devices because they’re battery powered, and don’t listen for commands like powered devices do so they can conserve power. I have 12 of them, and I wish they would recieve commands so I can link them all together. I have my smoke/co2’s set to turn on 2 loud sirens and key lights throughout the house.


@EDR,I’ve had my detectors for several months, and the only time they’ve chirped was to alert me on low battery, typically anything below 80%. The only thing they report in the event log is battery level, and don’t test themselves unless the button is pushed. If yours are chirping, check your battery level. There may be a configurable setting used during inclusion (through an app or custom device type) for low battery thresholds that can be set, so I’ll poke around and see, but unfortunately not for testing.

Press the test button on the zcombo’s. I guess it is long pressing for 5-6 seconds or so… In that case it should send you test alerts on your phone… This reminds me to test it again. I remember when I first set it up, that’s how I tested.

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So I’m trying to completely wrap my head around sleepy devices. From what I’ve read a sleepy device keeps it’s radio off most of the time but routinely wakes up and phones home to see if there are any changes. If there are changes the hub sends them then. If not the hub sends a nomoreinformation command and the device goes back to sleep. Is this correct or do you have to wake up the device first before sending configurations?

@Enitech, both kind of. You can wake up certain battery powered devices and then within a certain amount of time send config parameters to them, if they’re designed to take config changes. I’m not sure if when a device wakes up that any pending/queued changes are sent. I think you may have to time it just right, or force a wake up. Some devices like the Philios can be forced, or when triggered. It all depends how the manufacturer has decided to make them work, and if they’ve enabled any changes to be made when tapping on the Config tile.

ok, as I look at some other articles it make sense now. Maybe when I get a battery operated device with parameters I’ll have to do some experimenting.

oh ok, that may have been it then, I recall the battery being around 80% ish when it did it.