Finding Public IP Address of Cable Modem serving the SmartHub

Sorry to bump an old post, but I think this post is what I’m looking for and the GitHub script is 404 now.

What I’m hoping for is a a way for my SmartThings Hub to report to my phone what the public IP address is at my house so I can RDP to a home computer when I’m at work (without paying for a static IP upgrade)

It moved :smile:

Perfect, got it working, thanks a ton!

And I believe SmartThings has broken this. Any local hubaction is not able to access WAN IP addresses at the moment.

I am unable to provide any workarounds at this point. Still waiting on confirmation of the issue and if it was broken or restricted for a reason.

I really think there should be a hub.publicIp option, but for now, I would suggest you look at some of the Dynamic DNS services out there that you could just get the ip from a and that would work…

That’s odd, my device is still working with the IP address. But then, my IP address has not changed recently, so not sure that I would see the problem.

Check the logs. It probably isn’t returning a result.

It does not clear the last IP on refresh so it will appear to work but if you reinstall it, it should fail.

Sucks this doesnt work now. It was exactly what I was looking for. I have Smartthings at a vacation cabin in a place with no ISPs so the whole setup runs from a Sprint netgear 6100D LTE router. So far I dont trust that the Dyndns updater on the router is working properly, but I can access smartthings externally fine.

This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, but when trying to install it now in the IDE it fails outright about some method not being supported. Oh well.

Actually was able to get it installed, but as you said, the hubaction is gone, so it does nothing. Shame.

Anyone ever have any luck getting this to work? Or find a similar alternative?

need alternative … external ip of remote house router changed and vpn no longer works till i figure out ip… any leads.

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that is not a solution when you are not in the remote hosue and need the ip

there is no reason the hub cannot give you the ip of the remote g/w it knows it

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but had anyone found a solution to this? Still the hub action is returning nothing…

Can’t seem to find the code for this. Is it still available anywhere? thanks

Doesn’t work anymore. St blocked wan requests from hub.

Thank you Patrick, I was able to hack this to pull the status page from my dd-wrt router and use a regex to cull the WAN IP. I was never able to get the XML parse to work, but this is my first ST attempt so it could be me.

Hi, @pstuart. I guess your trick/device type has started to work again! :slight_smile:

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Years later this still works, anyone know how to update it so it will display the value of the IP address in the new app? I can still see the IP address under device properties in the IDE.

I don’t think this is going to function in the new app like it does in the old app, but I did just create a WebCoRe piston that will read the ‘publicIp’ attribute, save it in a variable, and then send a push notification with the results. Just modify it with a trigger of your choice. To add the virtual device to Webcore, you have to add it under “Which pollable devices”.

I still use this dth. It’s annoying Samsung/ST still can’t get the custom capability tools out of Alpha stage so we can adjust these great dths to show in the Connect app. To be able to see my ip address in the new app I found this dth by @guxdude, which turned out to be way more useful, I use it as a rolling notification banner so I can cancel my less important push notifications…

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