Fibaro Flood Sensor (FGFS-101) Temperature Offset

I think I’m getting somewhere. I’m using the Z-wave Tweaker to adjust parameter 73:

Parameter 73: Temperature measurement compensation

Available settings: -10 000 to +10 000 (-100C to +100C in 0.01C steps)
Default setting: 0 (0.00°C)
Parameter size: 2 [bytes]

Parameter stores a temperature value to be added to or deducted from the current temperature measured by internal temperature sensor in order to compensate the difference between air temperature and temperature at the floor level.

So it’s a little tricky to figure out/test. Right now I’ve changed Parameter 73 to -600 and it seems to just about in line with what the temp actually is in the room. Still waiting on it to even out to be sure; I had to cool it off in front of the freezer for a second to get it to report a temp update - it won’t report a temp update unless it has changed by 0.5°C within 5 mins.

I’m wondering where this setting is actually stored though…

Seems that this is a common issue with this sensor. According to the developer who wrote the EU device handler:

Remember to calibrate temperature measurements using parameter #73. The Fibaro Flood Sensor typically reports temperatures that are ~5°C above the air temperature outside the casing.