Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 Flood Sensor Help/ Advise

I purchased the Fibaro ZW3 flood sensor first and had problems with the device going to sleep after 3 hours or so and never waking up. Figured I either had a faulty device or because if was Z Wave only and not Plus that maybe it was losing connection. I returned it for the ZW5 (plus version) and am having the same problem.

Get it all setup and it works great for 3 hours; reporting temp and battery life and then it stops reporting anything. What the heck? I can see by the manual that it allows you to change device parameters but the DTH they provide, sucks, and only shows battery, moisture and temp, so there really no way to check/change the parameters.

It bothers me that it just quits reporting. Even if the moisture sensor works (not sure if it does or not) when it sleeps forever, how will I know the status of the battery or if the device will even work?

Unless I can get this thing to work properly, I won’t trust it and back it will go. Fibaro tech support is a joke and absolutely NO help! I’ve looked this forum up and down and see very little about it.

My questions for the group here is:

  1. is there a custom DTH that supports changing parameters?
  2. what’s your experience with either the ZW3 or ZW5 been?

As always, I appreciate the help and advise from the folks here!


WOW. No one owns one of these?

I installed a ZW3 3 days ago and so far so good. Has stayed connected just fine. Temperature seems to actually update too often. Did you pair it in place or pair and move? how far from the hub and other z-wave repeaters is it?