Fibaro Dimmer with LED panels

I have had a very odd conversation with Fibaro tech support today regarding a dimmable led panel and their Dimmer 2.

Basically I want to know if it will work with dimmable led drivers, ideally those from Aurora such as this or any other similar product.

I was told they have no idea, they have no product compatibility list, no products certified to work with the dimmer. I asked whether the dimmer worked by reducing the current of reducing the voltage and the tech support didn’t know :slight_smile:

To not know ANY product your dimmer works with is inexcusable, and to top it all they charged me for the call by using an 0845 number.

Anyone ever used anything like this or have any alternative ?

The panel is this one.
They don’t come with the dimmable drivers, the driver is the one I showed you.

My understanding however is these drivers are dimmed by current control and NOT by voltage, which would mean I assume the Fibaro dimmer would not work ?

Yes that’s the same opinion I am coming to. I saw the dimmer compatibility and after you explained the dimmer type used by Fibaro I drew the same conclusion.
I think the whole thing was thrown by the ‘dimmer uses fixed voltage and variable current’ statement, that appears to contradict the tech specs of the device.

I will give a couple a try and see how they go on.

Thanks Robin for your help, hopefully I will be able to do the same sometime.