FAQ: Help! New to smartThings: will Xioami/Aqara sensors work?

Hi, I am just getting started with buying devices and I’m getting confused on the frequency. If I get some of the Xiaomi sensors from gearbest will they work in the us?

Yes they will work in USA and Canada you need to download DH GitHub to make them work with Samsung SmartThings Hub I’m using more than 40 sensor is my house you need to follow the procedure

One note: not all zigbee repeaters work well with the Xioami sensors, or rather, they don’t work well with all repeaters, so some people have problems with the xioami sensors dropping off the network and not re-joining.

Fortunately, one of the least expensive zigbee repeating devices, available in many countries, is the IKEA Tradfri plug-in pocket socket. At just under $10 in the US and £10 in the UK, this is just a very simple on/off device with only one socket, but works well with smartthings out of the box and is a good repeater for your zigbee devices, including Xioami sensors. :sunglasses:

(In order to get the cheap price, you have to buy them directly from Ikea, they can cost twice as much from other sources including Amazon.)

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What did you end of buying after selling the Xiaomi’s?

I buy a mix of devices that are zwave, zigbee HA1.2 or Zigbee 3.0 certified. For cheap sensors, that is currently Sonoff zigbee sensors. But I’ve also bought Sengled, Zooz, zlink, dome and other brands. Just depends what I find on sale.