FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

Someone finally did a single gang switch that controls both lights on/of and dimmable as well as fan on/off and speed. Here’s a link to Amazon and a YouTube video of the install and it working. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant but not sure it works with SmartThings. I don’t see anything Z Wave or Zigbee in desription.
Smart Ceiling Fan Control and Dimmer Light Switch 2PACK, Neutral Wire Needed, Treatlife Single Pole Wi-Fi Light Switch Fan Speed Control, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant, Smart Home Remote Control - - Amazon.com

Treatlife Smart Ceiling Fan and Light Dimmer Switch Review - YouTube

That’s a Wi-Fi device (neither Zigbee nor Zwave), and does not integrate with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved: Hopefully eventually someone will make one like this that does integrate.

If you can’t wait for something which does integrate, some people do use the treatlife device with a one-way integration through IFTTT, but you won’t have any way of knowing if someone turned the fan on or off at the wall switch. And of course now Ifttt charges a subscription. So it’s not what most people are looking for. See the following community discussion:

Treatlife integration?


I’m almost certain this switch will work with smart life which, as you know, works with Smartthings. We connected smart life to Smartthings at my kids house last week and this switch appeared in the ST app.

A convoluted way of doing things, in my opinion, but I believe it will work nonetheless.

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Cool, thanks for letting us know. Does the status update if someone changes the switch at the wall, or is it one of those integrations where it’s done through scenes?

I didn’t check that but will try to do it when I’m over there next week. We only cycled it on/off from the dashboard.

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JD I bought a Smartlife fan switch and it does’t integrate directly to smartthings but uses the Smartlife “tap to run” scenes as a workaround. It also doesn’t report status to Smartthings without possibly using some Alexa or IFTTT “man in the middle” steps. I’m not sure if this Treatlife one is similar but I imagine it would be as both use the Smart Life apps. Smartlife devices are hit or miss with direct integration or just getting their “tap to run” scenes to come over. I posted about my switch here - Smartlife WiFi Fan Control

My old fan with the RMpro had the same button press for on and off for the light (like a power button on a TV), which was annoying because an “on” command would turn the light off if it was already on. The Smartlife fan solved that where an “on” command leaves the light on (but does make an annoying beep), but was difficult to setup as detailed on the linked thread. It was cheap though and fit the use case I had of needing a separate remote where the gang for this fan was behind a couch and not easily accessible, so a switch like the Treatlife or Inovelli Fan/Light wouldn’t have worked here. I really wish the Inovelli one could have an optional remote that controls it as well, then I would definitely use that here.

I hesitated about posting it here on this fan FAQ because the integration isn’t really direct and so clunky, but figured I would chime in since it came up.


Thank you @mwav3. You saved me having to check this out.

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I just got in the market for a ceiling fan and ran into so many issues that I’ve become motionless in the search. I have lots of Lutron switches for lights so I figured I’d go with their wall switch, but then found it basically only works with fans that have an AC motor which is louder than DC motor fans and not as energy efficient.

I then noticed Modern Forms fans and was sold on them until you read the comments about them being great WHEN they work, but like many/most wifi devices, continually drops connection causing them to have to be re-set up and thus a hassle.

Is there an easier way to shop for the right fan?

I need a 56-65" fan, would like a real wall control and Alexa voice support. You’d think in 2021 this wouldn’t be asking much.

Local shops keep saying, “No problem, you’ll just use this remote” except that then you can’t easily turn on the light when entering a room and instead have to search for a remote – in the dark. Come on.

For anyone interested I had 3 of the Treatlife Fan/Light wifi combo switches set up through Smart Life app and integrated with ST via c2c. They worked great and were controllable by Alexa.
I recently replaced them for seperate fan/light switches for my disabled mom. It just makes it easier for her.

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Just here to say it’s interesting the Treatlife fan/light combo is exposed to ST but not the Treatlife fan control.

I recently added both in the house and wasn’t expecting that result.

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I’m able to control a dimmable light and on/off of the fan through ST of my Treatlife fan/dimmer switches. Honestly, that’s pretty good for me as only having 3 speeds means the speed is generally going to be medium for the majority of situations.

Unfortunately though, I’m having a secondary issue with these that is likely a result of their engineering.

I have purchased 4 of them through Amazon, 3 have been installed. Of the 3 that have been installed, 2 of them are in adjacent bedrooms that are on the same circuit at our breaker. That means the two switches are sharing the same neutral wire.

What I’m seeing happen is when controlling the light of Fan A, the light on Fan B will flicker on for a split second and then back off as the light on Fan A ramps up from 0->100% in brightness. So somewhere between 1-99%, there’s enough voltage being fed back through the line to actually light up a DIFFERENT light on the circuit. This is completely wild to me and I have a background in electrical engineering.

So you might ask, do I have a single low wattage LED light being flipped on by interference in the line? Unfortunately no. These fixtures have 3x 60W incandescent bulbs so quite possibly the easiest lights to dim. The fans came with them and I never got around to swapping out for something more energy efficient but presumably if I did, it’d be worse.

I contacted Treatlife and they are telling me that it’s impossible for a switch to work with all dimming situations and basically are assuming I’m using low wattage non-dimmable LEDs (or similar) meaning it’s my fault. They asked for me to try incandescent bulbs. I responded saying they are already incandescent so this should be simple and I’ve never seen anything like this and their claim seems a bit wild to me. I’m still waiting to hear back from them but it hasn’t been that long yet so I’m not concerned yet about their support turn around, just thought the initial answer was lazy.

It seems like they are dimming by dumping voltage instead of adding resistance in the line. That resistance would normally result in the dimmer itself heating up and there’s where the energy loss is going, to heat. In this case now, they are trying to feed it back through the line which can potentially cause issues with things later on in the circuit.

This is also only repeatable in one “direction”. I can trigger the light on Fan B by turning on the light on Fan A but not vice versa. I didn’t trace the wires but this makes me believe that A is first in the loop and B comes later before returning to the panel. It also happens whether I hit the switch manually or try to control it via any app integration, of which there are many.

I’ll still probably try and get some other bulbs just to see what happens because I really want these to work but I’m pretty disappointed right now. These are the only rooms in my entire house that share a circuit and the house is 30 years old so it’s not like code has changed that much since then and everything else in the house was wired great.