Family: How do I add their phones as Presence sensors?

I recently installed the Smartthings Hub and I’m having no luck adding my daughter’s cell phone as a presence sensor. Can anyone help?


Did you send them an invite through the app and then install the app on the phone and have her login with her info? There currently is no concept of security levels, so she’ll have full access to the app. A lot of people setup Life 360 for their kids and then integrate that with ST.

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I am doing the same thing. If I log her out of ST after connecting the phone as a presence sensor, will it still work for presence and smart apps?

Once she is set up and connected to her account using her own log in information she will see and be able to control everything.
The app will track her presence if the app is running on her phone or not.
Phone presence can be unreliable for some, hence the recommendation of using life360 in place of or along side smartthings phone presence.

I would like family member’s phones to act as presence senors, without them having access or full access to the ST account to prevent kids from monkeying around with any of the ST configuration etc. Is that possible?

Samsung sells key fobs as presence sensors

Sure, see the presence FAQ. You can use either the free life 360 service, which has an official integration, or IFTTT presence from that free service. Details in the FAQ. :sunglasses:

Did that change? Can Samsung Smarthings app on a mobile phone be used now as a presence sensor without full access to the account or it is impossible and the full access to the account is automaticaly granted?