Fakro Z-Wave Window Opener


Is there aan update, About how you fixed iT?
I’m have 4 fakir Windows with Z-wave:

Kind regards!

Sorry, I need to do this - they have been working really well for the past 12+ months without an issue.

Hi good to hear, just a question can you set The bllinding halfway ? Because i can only open of close iT.


If you have the time is there any chance you could share how you achieved your integration. We’ve just had some fakro windows installed and I’m keen to integrate them with smartthings.

Hello Matt,

Could you please let us know how you managed to make it work with SmartThings? Maybe can you share your DH if you made a custom one?


This is how I got it working. In a nutshell I’m using a pair of MIMO lites to push the buttons for me on the Farko remote. The pic below is of the naked remote used to control the skylight.
1: NC (White) / COM (Color) MIMO Lite 1
2: NC (White) / COM (Color) MIMO Lite 2
3: 3v 700ma adapter

In Smarthings
MIMO Lite 1 -> Skylight Open
MIMO Lite 2 -> Skylight Close


Hi Guys

I’m sorry, I have totally overlooked this topic.

I have managed to pair the remote with SmartThings (I need to look at the Fakro manual to find the exact sequence) but if I recall correctly I added ST as an additional controller to the Fakro network.

Once this had been done, ST discovered a few different Z-Wave devices which were generic as well as the remote, but 3 of the devices (I have 3 windows) which were simple on/off devices operate as below:

Switch On: If Window is stationary, Window Opens, If Window is Closing, Window Stops
Switch Off: If Window is stationary, Windows Closes, If Window is Opening, Window Stops

There also appears to be a metric reported back which reports 0 when window moves to close, 254 when it is partially open and 255 when it is fully open.

I haven’t yet had the time (as a result of a young family) to give this the attention it deserves by developing proper Device Handlers but I don’t think it would be too tough.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting back to me. I haven’t had a chance to even try the remote on my Fakros as they have only had the power wired into them recently. That gives me enough information to get going though - I remember glancing at the manual and it looked pretty detailed on the setup of the z-wave network. I also have a young family so I have no idea if I’ll get a chance to make a device handler or perhaps a smart app so I can automate positions but perhaps I’ll find the time soon!



Hi Matt,

Thanks for all the answers. I have actually blinds with Mob.IQ roller shutter modules, which has a Fakro module inside. I hoped that you managed to write your own DH, but the answers are very useful and gives me a good starting point.

I’ve tried to add the Mob.IQ remote and all the devices on the network to the SmartThings z-wave network, and make the Hub as primary controller, but it didn’t end up well. Some of the settings has been transferred to the Hub, but not everything. No of the devices showed up neither in the ide or the application, so I had to remove them from the Hub’s z-wave network and add them again, when they showed up the same way as generic devices. I’ve never tried to use the remote again, but it would be nice to add it to the Hub’s network as a secondary controller, but SmartThings may would not like it, and I do not want to mess up the all the z-wave devices. I have 11 of them, and I don’t want to re-pair any of them, as the modules are under the physical switches in the wall.

I’ve tried the generic z-wave switch, but I couldn’t get along with the control options, as on and off are not real states of the blind. So I tried other DHs. My choice was the Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic. For On it opens the blind, for Off it closes the blind, and it doesn’t matter what position the blind is. The bad part is, it cannot be set to a middle position. But it can be easily used for default automation routines for “lights”. It can be set up to open in the morning automatically.

The problem started only with one of the newly installed modules, where the blind doesn’t open at the first On command. The motor starts to move, but a few seconds later it stops. On the second On command it opens the blind correctly. I want to get a solution for this issue first, and try to stop the blind in some middle position with some timing of the commands.

As I understand from your tries, On sets FF to move up, Off sets 00 to move down. On the Physical switch the behavior is the same Up, moves up, but when moving, Down stops it and always the opposite direction stops the move.

I need to test what you wrote about the reported states 0, 254 and 255. It is a bit weak for closed, moving up, stopped (partially open), moving down and fully open states to identify, but must have some logic for state changes.

I installed them about 6 months ago, and haven’t had a chance to move forward, you can guess, the same story as yours or James’s.

Best Regards,



Could any of you send me some details of your Fakro window/blind openers?

Which model are you using? I have some improved functionality of my MOB.IQ modules, but I am still testing it.

Some hints, the modules report 0, when closed. 255 (0xFF) when fully open, and 254, when they are not calibrated and they have no idea, what is the position. If calibrated they report 1 to 99 for position. (If you have blinds, then it is not linear, as the number represents the move of the motor and not the blind. And during the opening, the motor moves more blind, at the top, than in the bottom.)

To open, a zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: 0xFF).format() need to be sent to the unit. To close a 0x00. For stopping a zwave.switchMultilevelV1.switchMultilevelStopLevelChange().format() need to be sent.

We just need to find out how to do the calibration for precise positioning on the Fakro modules.

Best Regards,


Hi @GSzabados

Sorry, been a little quiet round here for the past few months.

I am using the Fakro Chain Actuator which identified itself as the 12VDC actuator (taken from OpenZWave device database as below):

> <Manufacturer id="0085" name="Fakro">
>                 <Product type="0001" id="0001" name="ZWP10 Remote Controller" config="fakro/zwp10.xml"/>
>                 <Product type="0002" id="0002" name="ARZ Roof Window Roller Shutter" />
>                 <Product type="0002" id="0005" name="ZWS230 Chain actuator 230VAC" config="fakro/zws230.xml" />
>                 <Product type="0003" id="0001" name="ZWS12 Chain actuator 12VDC" config="fakro/zws12.xml" />
>                 <Product type="0003" id="0002" name="ZWS230 Chain actuator 230VAC" config="fakro/zws230.xml" />
>                 <Product type="0016" id="0001" name="ZWRS Roller Shutter FLiRS module" config="fakro/zwrs.xml"/>
>         </Manufacturer>

I think the configuration may be controlled via the specific values as below:

<!-- Fakro ZWS12 Chain actuator 12VDC -->
<Product xmlns='http://code.google.com/p/open-zwave/'>
  <!-- Configuration -->
  <CommandClass id="112">
    <Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="7" label="Speed motor I" min="1" max="4" value="2" size="1">
      <Item label="1" value="1" />
      <Item label="2" value="2" />
      <Item label="3" value="3" />
      <Item label="4" value="4" />

    <Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="8" label="Speed motor II (ZRD)" min="1" max="4" value="2" size="1">
      <Item label="1" value="1" />
      <Item label="2" value="2" />
      <Item label="3" value="3" />
      <Item label="4" value="4" />

    <Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="9" label="Soft start" min="1" max="2" value="1" size="1">
      <Item label="Yes" value="1" />
      <Item label="No" value="2" />

    <Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="12" label="Callibration" min="1" max="3" value="2" size="1" >
      <Item label="Start calibration" value="1" />
      <Item label="Remove calibration" value="2" />
      <Item label="Only report (when encoder damage)" value="3" />

    <Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="14" label="Comfortable position" min="1" max="99" value="32">
        1 : go to comfortable position.
        [2 to 99] select comfortable position.
        32 - default

    <Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="15" label="Close after time" min="0" max="255" value="0" units="minutes">
        0 : dont close.
        [1 to 255] minutes to close.

    <Value type="list" genre="config" instance="1" index="99" label="Factory settings" min="1" max="2" value="1" size="1">
      <Item label="Reset" value="1" />
      <Item label="Normal" value="2" />

  <!-- Association Groups -->
  <CommandClass id="133">
    <Associations num_groups="1">
      <Group index="1" max_associations="5" label="Lifeline"/>

Unfortunately, I only timeout when setting or getting values from these variables using OpenZWave (not even tried with ST yet) so I’m not sure they are accurate. I have been trying to calibrate the windows but without success - anyone had any better luck than me?



Hi Matt,

I’ve found a quite detailed manual on the z-wave alliance website for the Fakro zws12. Just search for Fakro zws12 calibration and it should be the first in the list.

Do you have rain sensor too?

The calibration is quite straightforward from the physical buttons on the device. But a bit misleading from the remote. I don’t know how the remote works, but I would be surprised if it would be a momentary or step control switch for movements. My device and remote does send an FF to open and 00 to close. The stop is controlled by one of the opposite commands or by a switchMultilevelStopLevelChange command.
You can definitely try to calibrate through the physical buttons.

I can help to put together a DH based on what I’ve made for my MOB.IQ modules, what is partially based on a Fibaro Roller Shutter DH.

The parameter list in your application is not corresponding to the manual, maybe that is another problem.

Is your device type 0003 id 0001 or type 0002 id 0011 as in the manual? The ST ide would give you the correct number.

If you manage to calibrate it, then it is more fun to control inbetween positions. But even without calibration I managed to use my modules with the zwave dimmer DH to open and close with a daily schedule.

Let me know what you managed to achieve and I can help to build the DH.

Best Regards,


Hi Gabor

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I have the 0003 / 0001 devices, not the 0002 / 0011 devices which confusingly have the same name (ZWS12). In terms of calibration, my devices don’t seem to respond or acknowledge commands sent to the 112 command class. I haven’t yet popped open the cover to see if I can see 2 buttons, I’m going to take a look later today. Looking at the ZWave Alliance Website, it appears that maybe the 0003 / 0001 version are older devices (not ZWave plus) and I wonder if they don’t have calibration in the same way.

Any thoughts?



Hello everyone,

I have wired on today two amz zwave blinds. The are working on the same flatroof window that is 120x220cm.

When I turned on the shearch at smarthings hub it only recognizes one off the blinds and it recognizes it as generic zwave switch. How can I force it to recognize the other one anda how should I change it to blinds.

Hi all,

Just acquired a Smartthings V3 Hub and latest app - so I’m new to this.

I’m trying to get it to work with existing Fakro Window Openers (ZWS230) and Blinds (ARF) that already are on an existing primary Z-Wave controller (ZWK10) which is a Fakro remote. I also have weather module (ZWMP) with rain sensor (ZRD) as a secondary controller to that first remote.

I have seen some older posts and articles that talk about adding the ST hub as a secondary controller but I can’t find any of the menu items/instructions in the new app. Is this possible anymore with the new ST Hub and App? I can’t seem to access anything on the classic app.

I’d like to keep my devices associated with the existing primary controller as they work fine for the last few years and it’s a pain to have to re-set up. I’m hoping ST can join the network as a secondary controller and that these devices will be available to it. The ultimate goal is to be able to see their status through an app and control through Google Assistant. The Fakro site talks about using Vera or Fibaro but I wanted to check if ST could offer anything first.

Has anybody any success?



OK…managed to get ST Hub paired with the ARF Blinds. The Hub is the controller. The blinds initially appeared as a switch Z-Wave Switch in ST. I changed the type through the ST IDE to a Window shade and it works better. There are a few functions that are not supported such as the preset position, the shade level slider and battery indicator but it opens and closes fine and works in a scene to close at night and open in the morning.

I also tried a Window Opener (ZWS230). It appears as a Z-Wave Secure switch. I tried some other devices but it seems to be the only one that works - but it will only allow me to close the window if it is already open.

I unpaired it and repaired with my Fakro controller for now. I did not try my push button Fakro Controller or Weather Module for now…

I’ve read somewhere on the forum, that there were tries of adding the hub as a secondary controller, but it has messed up everything. @JDRoberts might be the one who tried it. I cannot remember.
To use of these Fakro controllers are working only with self written DTH, if you need position recognition.

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