External Siren for SmartThings - UK

I’m interested in replacing my current (somewhat problematic) alarm with a smartthings system. However, I have struggled to find a suitable external siren to replace the current one… I have seen some of the internal sirens but I’m concerned that they are less of a deterrent (but I don’t want to go for a fake alarm…).

Also, has anyone had any luck linking the ‘D-Link DCH-Z110 Home Door/Window Sensor’ to ST? At the moment (for cost reasons) I am thinking of using motion sensors downstairs only, and then putting door sensors upstairs. However, these look like a nice alternative that could provide all the functionality I need.

@Kensi a few of us are testing these sensors currently

They have both motion and contacts (window/door) products

I did consider this… but, I always think the dummy box’s look questionably realistic :wink:

That looks like what I need! brilliant… thanks!