Extender/Repeater Device Reconfigure?

I added some new Z-wave battery operated open/close sensors to my network in the garage. They are not relaying a dependable status. Results are sporadic at best. I’m thinking there just isn’t enough signal out there for them.

I’ve decided to get a repeater/amplifier and install it. Will I need to exclude the existing sensors and add them back (by the repeater) for them to recognize/use it or will they automatically use it?

first try installing the repeater and then run a z-wave repair


A Repeater will be a good idea. It’s helpful to note that pretty much any mains powered Z wave devices will act as a repeater, including a plug in socket, A plug-in motion sensor, a light switch, etc.

There’s no reason to buy a single purpose repeater – – they don’t do anything more than the other devices do. They were helpful back during the third generation of Z wave when not all devices transmitted at maximum power, but these days you might as well just get a dual purpose device and get more for your money that way.


Once you put the repeater where you want it to be, just run the zwave repair utility and any other devices will begin using it in a day or so. It can take a little while for all of the address tables to update, so be patient. :sunglasses:

You might also find the following FAQ of interest. First read post 11 in that thread, then go back up to the top and read the whole thing. ( this is clickable link)

Thanks so much! I was actually wondering why I couldn’t replace the plug I am/was planning on using for the repeater. I appreciate you addressing and explaining the difference (or lack of in this case). I just assumed there had to be some advantage to an extender/repeater…


There was an advantage a few years ago, prior to 2014. But now the single purpose devices don’t do anything more than any other repeating device would do. :sunglasses:

Yes, but all repeaters are not alike, as I found out with the IRIS 3210L to try and repeat for a door lock.

Problem solved. I installed a plug (repeating device) in the garage and ran the Z-Wave Repair Tool. No more sporadic issues.