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Excessive Battery Usage Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor (24259)

(P.Bradford) #21

I think I might submit a RMA for mine too.


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No, that’s excessive. If a reset doesn’t solve it you may need to have it replaced. It should last 6-12 months atleast



I just picked up three of these, and one of them is doing this constant battery reporting that is draining the battery to 20% in one day. The other two seem to be working properly. I re-paired it and rebooted hub. The ST hub is about 10ft from this sensor. I changed the batteries. The problem persists. Is the consensus that this is a defective unit?


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Two things to try before calling it:

  1. try placing a Z-Wave repeater between the device and the hub (reboot hub and do a Z-Wave repair)
  2. try resetting the device (see manual or first post here)
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Thank you for the advice. I will give that a shot when I get some time tonight to play with it.

The repeater suggestion is very interesting because the other two sensors are next to a GE Z-Wave Plus light switch, and they are working fine. This one is by the hub, and is experiencing this problem.

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I reset the device and tried re-pairing by a repeater instead of the hub. Unfortunately, I have the same issue. I’m going to RMA it. Thanks for your help.

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(Mike Ketterman) #27

I have two that have been working for a while, they say 1%, even with new batteries.



I received the replacement, and the new device is not spamming the battery status event. It must have been defective. I have five of these sensors now, and that RMA’ed one was the only one that was behaving in that manner.

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I have the battery drain problem but I think it’s related to the nonstop “Covering was Removed “ messages. I must have damaged the hood when I was changing out the original battery (which lasted years).

Where is the “tamper sensor” on the device?


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From the first post here:




Just got two of these and the first set of batteries lasted less than 24 hours. Installed the second set this morning and both are at ~30% already. Same symptoms as everybody else with messages every 5-10 seconds. Going to RMA them since it seems likely that there’s a defective batch floating around