ERROR: The getS3Object method is no longer available. Is there a fix?

I am new to Smartthings. I just started this week. I been working on trying to get my FOSCAM to work with it. I found a device handler, but I have to change the code a bit. I finally get things sort of working and I get this error:

The getS3Object method is no longer available.

I read here that it is no longer being supported. Has anyone found a workaround? In the post, the developer stated to use this instead:

ByteArrayInputStream getImage(String name)

Has anyone used it? Any samples?

Hi Peter,

We removed the getS3Object method a month ago for security reasons. There is a new method that you will need to use for your foscam storeTemporaryImage, there is documentation in the thread linked. I’ve also linked my PR with updates to our Foscam DTH, but we have been having trouble with Foscam’s being able to discover our cameras so it has not be able to be tested and merged.