Enum input type doesn't support multiple

Continuing the discussion from Simulator can’t run with multiple enum input:

I’m unable to use input type “enum” with “multiple: true” - whenever this is set, no value is stored on install / update.

This is similar to the behaviour as with input type “mode” with “multiple: true” (in this case - you can only select one value, and it is stored as a string - as if “multiple: false” was set)

There are comments in the thread above that others see this working. If somebody could validate the below - I would appreciate it.

    input("days", "enum", multiple: true, required: true, metadata:[values:["Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday"]])

I observe the same behavior but I did not narrow it down to using enum with multiple: true. In the simulator it does not work for sure, I don’t know about live apps.

We are going to be fixing this in an upcoming release of the IDE (next week?)

This should still run ok when loaded on your mobile device — it just doesn’t simulate right in IDE.

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@Ben - I know you put a question mark on the next week - but it’s been very nearly two weeks, do you know when this will be fixed?

We didn’t do our regular weekly production push last week but expect it this week. I have followed up with the team and this will be fixed with the production push this week.

FYI, This is still broken on device types.