Enhanced door lock missing

You can probably just do this with routines in the app, but I’ll let others discuss the details.

You can certainly do it with the Rules API, but the learning curve can be pretty steep.

You can definitely do it with the third-party app, sharptools, which is a very popular solution. It has a nice visual UI. There is a free tier. If that doesn’t have all the features you need, they also have a paid version and there’s a free trial of the paid version so you can check it out. There’s also an active and helpful community forum. (Some people are setting SharpTools as an immediate replacement for a discontinued groovy smartapp and then using the time of the free trial to start checking out the rules API to see if they like that better.)

So there are several options, it just depends which one appeals to you the most.

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?