Enhanced Battery Report

Just thinking …

There are some SmartApps that will report battery status for all batteries. If the battery is low, wouldn’t it be nice if the app also reported the type of battery (CR2032, CR123A, etc.) needed and provide a link to purchase the battery on Amazon. The developer of this app could join the Amazon Associates program and actually earn a little money on battery sales.

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I just have a spreadsheet of my battery types:

I’m not really sure I’d need/want a purchase link in a SmartApp, since I buy in bulk and have extra batteries stored anyway. For finding good pricing when buying in bulk is why I started this deals thread:

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a long time ago I made all the names include the battery type and device model. The names get pretty long but at least I’m not guessing. Alexa short groupnames, routines and remotes are the primary interface anyway.

I just go to Lowe’s and buy a bunch of stuff with the right batteries in them. Swap out the batteries and return it to Lowe’s and complain that they are broken.

Just being a thrifty consumer! :poop: