Energy Reporting Smart Plugs that Don’t Need Custom Code? (2021)

I’m lost. I know there are several Wi-Fi pocketsockets that have energy monitoring in their own app but not in the smartthings app. :thinking: and I know a lot of the older custom DTHs for zigbee and zwave models have not been brought up to date to work with the 2021 version of the smartthings app.

So… which models currently allow you to trigger from energy monitoring in an automation created in the smartthings app? Do they require custom code and if so, is it provided by the manufacturer or by the community?

Common use case: if the dumb television is on (drawing energy), then…


The Aeotec smart switch 7 does.

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ZigBee Smart Plug EU 16A Power Socket Tuya Smart Life APP Remote Voice Control Timer Socket Switch With Alexa Google Home

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This one reports energy use in the SmartThings app so you can use the energy value in an automation?

Yes, i’m using it check when the dryer/washing machine finish working, using webCore

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How did you add this in Smartthings? With a custom dth?

Zigbee metering plug. The standard

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Thanks nice to know. No idea if this will be officially supported using the edge drivers

Lets hop that all base handlers supplied by ST will move too the new system by them…


Bad time to make purchases…

Bad time to sell products

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From another thread, the GE Zigbee smart plug

Looking for a Wifi/Zigbee smartplug that can control an automation based on current power usage - #5 by Automated_House

In case any one buys this on the basis of the above comments, this device does not do power monitoring.

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I created an edge driver for Aqara dual relay module. Both power and energy metering are available in automation screen, but I did not test it actually works. You are welcome to give it a try.

Limitation: This Aqara module does not support metering per channel, only combined for two channels

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Sorry, put wrong link

₪ 31.23 35%OFF | Tuya ZigBee Smart Plug EU Power Monitor Timing Function Socket 16A Smart Home Wireless Compatible Alexa Google Home Assistant

Any news on smart plugs with energy reporting capability?

GE are not usually available in Spain.


What about this one?

€ 11,01 40%de DESCUENTO | Zigbee-enchufe inteligente para el hogar, dispositivo con Monitor de potencia, Control por voz, compatible con Smart Life, Tuya, Alexa y Google Home, 16A

I assume that “works with smartthings” means that it can be linked via Tuya account. Would it be feasible to be recognised by the hub like any officially integrated device?

Do you think is worth a try?

I have it partly working with the standard energy DH. I get sporadic energy and power readings…

I am trying to update the DH code to get it working better, but then it is no longer native…

Same here, just get power and energy readings when refreshing device info in the app. I’m using @Mariano_Colmenarejo edge driver though

I’ll keep searching for energy meter plug available in Spain.

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