End-user Cannot Install third-party App!

From API Documentation:


Does this mean that an end-user cannot install a third party app from marketplace?
What role developers play in enriching marketplace if apps can only be installed by their owners?

I am reading it to say that only the account holder can install apps on their account.

Meaning, I can’t install an app on your account…


Did try to install a third-party app in your location from marketplace (using the new mobile app)? because I am new here and I don’t have a ST hub yet.

“SmartApp Marketplace” is deprecated. It still works in SmartThings Classic App, but nothing has been added in years.


Classic=Custom (Groovy)
New App=Extremely Crippled

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Well, a couple of things but yeah, more has been taken away than added.

Does the Classic Mobile App support the new API or it still works with Groovy-based Apps?

For the new API-based Apps, how can a costumer find and install a third-party App (e.g., ActionTiles), if marketplace is deprecated?

The Classic Mobile App supports Groovy.
You can not install custom Apps in the New Mobile App as of yet.
You can use the Classic App to install custom Apps and Devices which will show up in the New App.
You can install a handful of approved Apps in the New Mobile App under Automations.


Does this mean that I can install a Webhook Third-party SmartApp (e.g., Node.js-based) from the classic mobile App then found it in the new mobile App, or this only applies to Groovy-based Apps?

ActionTiles is not listed in the “Marketplace”. It’s “ActionTiles V6 (Connect)” SmartApp is installed when the user creates and links an account on our own cloud.

SmartThings is deprecating the entire concept of a SmartApp marketplace at this time. Perhaps they will bring it back again in the future.

For integrations, they are focusing on devices. Device brands, etc., are listed in the “Add Device” section of the New SmartThings App.

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