Electric Fireplace Control

Hi @vincent_bougie - it’s odd that Harmony was removed from the new app, I’m trying to dig into why. It’s still available in the classic app and the dev IDE, however - so it continues to work. I assume there is a licensing issue between logitech and smartthings… so it will hopefully get resolved.

You just need the Hub but you need to setup Harmony shortcuts using the Harmony app before you connect Harmony and Classic Smartthings. Once you do, you will see the following things added to your devices:

  • the hub itself
  • all of your harmony shortcuts will show up as virtual devices with the name of the hub postpended to the end of the shortcut name enclosed in brackets.

As an example, here’s what my “fake fireplace” virtual device looks like:

Hope that helps - it’s worked great for as long as I’ve had it set up. I have 2 harmony hubs in my home, the other one controls my entertainment system in my home - that also works great.