[EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Do I delete all codes directly from deadbolt?

Yes you can do that and remove all the codes from the SmartApp and click done so it’ll erase them.

Thank you Sir.

It’s working perfect.

Worth every penny.

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[quote=“vicjagsingh, post:285, topic:6241”]
It’s working perfect.

Worth every penny.
[/quote]And I would add it is certainly worth more than what he is asking. :wink:

That being said I just wish the ST system would start settling down again. It has been several weeks since ST has reported the actual user name to me when a successful code was entered. Today it started working again…:relaxed: Don’t have a clue why it was out for so long but I am glad it is back. Now I just want the routine I’M BACK that triggers on successful code entries to start resetting SmartAlarm to disarm again. That went hit and miss 4 days ago.


Okay, I got to ask. I paid for access to your smart apps and device handlers. Well worth it and more in my opinion.

That said, I am coming from Nexia and one thing that they offered that I am not seeing easily done with the locks in ST is that upon code entry, I could trigger on interior lighting (which I can do in your app thankfully) but I could also set them to turn off after a certain amount of time, which I am not seeing how to do, if possible, in your app. If it can be done, can you provide some pointers please?

I really liked that feature in Nexia as the interior lighting is purely for security and temporary lighting until other lights can be turned on. Yes, I know you can automate presence and such with ST but I am not there yet and all I need to do is just turn off those lights after say 5 - 10 minutes. The other feature I could add in with Nexia is to only make that happen between sunset and sunrise but I’d be happy at this point with them just turning off after a prescribed amount of time.

Thanks for any insight and for the great app.

I believe we had added that feature earlier but then removed it because it didn’t make sense so why one would want to turn off a switch after a while. Instead we replaced it with a new option, turn on switch only if after sunset (with an option to adjust the sunset time before/after actual sunset).

If you have a contact sensor on the door, you can use Smart Lighting based on open/close. It doesn’t look like Smart lighting allows to turn off using the lock status, only turn on.

Well, of course, I had to be the weirdo, LOL. And, in my mind, it made complete sense because home automation is about, well, automating things. It really shines with respect to the garage door opening. After sunset, I like the garage light to be turned on because the light on the opener itself is really insufficient for illumination, but I don’t want the thing to stay on all night until sunrise. So I had it set up to turn off after 15 minutes after the garage door was closed which gave plenty of time to get in the house, groceries in, etc.

Work schedules here are varied and highly unpredictable, so it made more sense to use timers. The timed based automation worked well in case myself or someone else forgot to go back and turn off a light, etc. I don’t have any contact sensors yet, though I guess to fill in the gaps I may have to invest in some. The house has been completely converted over to LED lighting so at least the power meter isn’t spinning like a tornado if something is left on.

However, that all said, I understand where you are coming from and I can see that it would be a bit unusual, but it sure worked well for me.

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The options for on / off totally make sense.

Where else does that functionality exist?

I was looking for 2 days ago in fact and made a CoRE rule to handle.

I ran across CoRE as well and may set things up using that instead. It’s times like this that I wish I had stuck with studying Java Programming, LOL. I needed the door lock code manager, though so RBoy apps and handlers were totally worth it for that. Nexia had that by default and I used it quite a bit, so I had to have it for ST. Nexia also had at its core the If/Then, Elseif type rules which made automating things extremely easy and dynamic, but they are limited in the devices you can use and have a monthly fee.

Now it’s just a matter of adapting all I did in Nexia to ST so I can take advantage of the larger ecosystem

The app is reporting that the advanced features are “Unsupported.” I have had my Schlage BE469 lock registered as a standard Z Wave lock for almost a year. I changed the device type to the Universal Enhanced after installing the device type, and lock/unlock works fine. However, the advanced features reported as Unsupported. I have tried to refresh multiple times. I have attached the live log.

Any ideas?

That’s because your lock isn’t reporting the MSR (see the log, warning sign in yellow), so it can’t identify what lock it is. Try clicking refresh a few times and if it still doesn’t report the MSR then you may need to exclude and re-pair the lock (keep the device handler code installed).

I installed this driver this morning but am as well not able to use the advanced features (all show unsupported). Besides that I am also not able to lock/unlock the door. Essentially, the lock can only be used manually.
My key codes are still manually programmed, not sure if that is an issue. I do see the MSR in the log.

Every now and again I get the ‘Lock is jammed’ pop up when refreshing.

What’s the best way to debug? @RBoy I will PM you some logs if that helps.

See the first post (and earlier posts). Jammed is sent by the lock. The DH just reports it. If it’s found your MSR it will start working. Just close the app and reopen it

Thanks for the reply. Indeed killing the app, then reopening it and repairing the z-wave network enabled the unsupported features and now I can also remote lock/unlock from the app.

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I’ve noticed that since installing this DH that the “Right Now” section in the app reports that both my locks are “inactive”. This status never seems to change. Why was this added under here?

Hi Everyone,

I received code MSR 003B-6341-5044.

Any suggestions what it is and how to fix?

I already contact RBOY and follow all his suggestion.

The issue is my routine don’t work to unlock or Lock. There are times when i get incorrect information on the app.

Use the stock ST DH and if lock and unlock isn’t working then the issue is likely with the communication. You’ve done the basic stuff like a repeater and repairs. Sounds like you have may have a bad zwave device in your network (or a bad lock). Try turning then off one at a time till you find your errant device.

I’m not having any communication issues with the lock from what I can tell. I had the lock off the house and within 2 feet of the hub when I paired it and it has always said the same thing. I have no repeaters (I live in a 1000 sq ft. condo) and the battery is at 100%. What should it report exactly? “Locked” or “Unlocked”?

Here is where I’m talking about:

That’s just saying there’s no motion currently with those locks. Smart Home Monitor only shows the status of contact and motion sensors.

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