(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

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I didn’t see anyone reporting this: when Circadian Lighting action is set for a device in a routine or scene, while editing the scene the summary of actions listed under the device appears fine. Upon saving then recalling the routine or scene, under the device it shows instead “Unknown action” (instead of Circadian Lighting: Active/Inactive). I noticed this for several weeks with older versions of the driver.

Thanks for reporting this.

I don’t understand why this happens, the presentation of the capability is fine, just like the others on the device.

The strange thing is that the command does not send the Active or Inactive values, it is sending the Circadian value and that is why it says that the action is unknown.

The worst thing is that it makes the Circadian function malfunction

I have updated the presentation and the translation and for the moment everything is the same.
I have reboot the hub and it doesn’t change either.
We will have to wait and see if it updates the presentation when the maximum hub caching times are met.

If it is not fixed I will have to create another new capability to replace it

This is very rare, I will keep you informed

This morning I experienced the same issue with the 11-Aug driver. The complication might be the Circadian Lighting. I had it switched on, and the On Handler again did not turn on the light, and the CLI showed no Zigbee commands were sent. When I switched Circadian Lighting off it started working, then switched it back on and it continued working.

It only malfunctions when you turn it active or inactive with a routine or scene as it stores the wrong value.

If you manually turn it active or inactive in the details view, the correct value is stored and everything works again.

I hope it’s fixed today.
The thing about the capabilities updates is painful!!

This particular bulb that was experiencing the on/off issue I’m pretty sure that Circadian Lighting was only ever set manually. The device has no routines/scenes that change the Circadian setting (only on/off since I always want that bulb active in Circadian). I’ll see if it happens again… for now it’s still working fine.

When it started to fail, did you make a driver change?

If so, it is possible that the problem was related to this issue.

At the moment do not make driver changes with this driver, only device driver switched will be inoperative until the driver is reinstalled

never changed the driver for this device

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Since yesterday afternoon - all of my Ikea GU10 bulbs have stopped working. I didn’t actually see any information around things being moved from the old Groovy / DTH devices, to these new Edge Devices. Looks like thats been going on for a long time - not sure why I never saw anything for that.

I’ve added the driver channel as part of this thread ( thanks Mariano )

I believe the specific bulbs I use, dont have a profile associated with these drivers.

I also can’t see how I can drill down and get the relevant info for the bulbs, since this smarthings update to ‘mysmartthings’

All I know is they currently show as : TRÅDFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm

This driver supports these lamps

  • id: “IKEA/TRADFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm”
    deviceLabel: IKEA GU10 Bulb
    manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
    model: TRADFRI bulb GU10 WS 400lm

What driver does the lamp currently use?

You can check the driver like this:

Open your lamp detail view in ST App
From menu (three dots) select Driver
Driver information opens

If I try and drill down into any of these bulbs - they only give me

information within the 3 dots menu - dont see anything for driver.

The bulbs all show in the mystartthings area - as ‘DTH’ they are pretty old, got added to the account back in 2017 - and were added with a custom device handler that was available at that time for the Ikea bulbs.

I’m guessing I might need to remove, and readd them to smartthings then, if this driver already has a profile included ?

Yes you need remove and readd bulbs.

Do you have installed this driver on your hub?

Yep, got the driver installed thanks.

I’ll need to have a think at what I want to do. My SmartThings hub is in a rack - and I remember with these bulbs when I first got them, I had a nightmare to get the hub to detect them, they had to be literally right next to the hub - and had to reset them multiple times before they were actually seen by ST. I have 16 of these that would need to be re-added, I might just bin them off, and replace with some Philips ones, as they are seemless to add.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Samsung SmartThings in (never ending) transition. But thanks to the great work of folks like @Mariano_Colmenarejo with some (re-)work, you can choose to keep them. So far, thanks to the community Edge driver contributors who did most of the heavy lifting for this platform, I have not yet had to bin anything worth crying over – although I am in tears daily over lost functionality from the old IDE/Classic app, and there’s nothing the community can do about this except gripe - which itself can be a valuable contribution.

I had a bulb die and lost the mirror device.

Now for some reason I can’t get the Mirror function to work any more.

Create mirror device
Set mirror device group #
Change individual devices to match mirror device group #

What did I miss

You have not missed anything!

Since a few days all we have lost the function of creating edge_child devices in smartthings, hopefully they will fix it soon

Would there be any reason why a device would randomly turn on? Seems like it is starting to get more and more frequent. Any way to troubleshoot or settings that would cause this?

what device?

I have read in other cases that I could have with Alexa’s hunches.

I don’t use Alexa and I don’t know more about this

That may be the issue. My under cabinet lights were turning off at 4am instead of sunrise & im scratching my head what the heck & posted my issue & @jkp posted check alexa hunches & sure enough that was the peoblem.

Its a Sylvania Smart+ Light Strip running off of a Smartthings hub, no Alexa.

I have updated the driver Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc so that it works for TCPi and DuraGreen bulbs as well.

I have increased the range of transition times to 3600 sec and have written a warning in preferences that this is not standard operation for all devices.

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc
 Version      2023-08-24T17:34:01.974883989
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