(EDGE Driver-Mc) New Versions of Mc Drivers with the "lazy_load_sub_driver" Function

New versions of Mc drivers with the “lazy_load_sub_driver” function.

The “lazy_load_sub_driver” function, available in firmware versions 52.x (library version 9), allows you to free up hub memory by loading only the subdrivers that have devices paired to the driver into hub memory.

The stock driver “Z-wave Switch” and mine “Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc” have been running for more than a month on hubs with 52.x firmware and everything seems to work fine.

I have seen that smartthings continues to move forward with this implementation in their drivers and they already have a PR in process of updating with the stock “Zigbee Switch”, which has many subdrivers for many different devices.

I am going to start publishing the Mc drivers with that function, which I have been testing for more than a month and which should free up memory in the hubs when they are installed automatically.

If anyone notices any new problems with these drivers as of today, please let me know and I will try to fix it.

Zigbee Contact Mc  2024-03-30T11:00:31.103845119
Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc  2024-03-30T11:07:49.659264331
Zigbee Smoke/CO Detector Mc  2024-03-30T11:12:55.246398568
Z-Wave Bulb Mc  2024-03-29T21:49:18.051844514
Z-Wave Siren Mc  2024-03-29T21:23:29.362655391
Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc  2024-03-30T11:50:07.932398638

I will modify more Mc drivers and publish them when I see that everything published works well.


Zigbee Moisture Sensor Mc  2024-04-02T19:35:35.293596653
Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc  2024-04-02T18:06:30.404840251


Zigbee Window Treatment Mc  2024-04-03T15:21:13.719558
Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc  2024-04-03T10:04:01.474868706
Zigbee Siren Mc  2024-04-03T15:37:03.006255713


ST Zigbee Button Mc  2024-04-06T10:51:16.476258516
Zigbee Thermostat Mc  2024-04-06T10:49:45.208954581


Z-Wave Smoke Alarm-Mc  2024-04-07T11:00:09.066632057
Z-Wave Thermostat Mc  2024-04-07T11:00:49.359605577
Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc  2024-04-07T11:01:09.098832154

All Mc drivers with subdrivers have lazy_load_sub_driver" Function added