(EDGE Driver-Mc) Custom configuration for report interval attributes of the IASZone and OnOff clusters

How to force the device to be configured with the values established in user preferences in the Mc zigbee drivers:

Because there are devices that only accept configuration changes during pairing or that are powered by batteries and are asleep, there are times that we make changes to preferences that affect the configuration of the device, such as temperature reports, humidity, OnOff, IASZone and others that can be customized in preferences and are not accepted by the device.


  • Set the custom values in preferences that we need.
  • In the App, open the Hub settings menu and set Secure Mode to disabled.

  • In the App click on Add new device and the option to search nearby

  • Put the device in pairing mode.

  • The device will pair with a different network ID, but with the same Name, same device ID and in the same location. No routine or scene will be missed or disabled and the device will be configured with the values established in custom preferences.

  • This would also be valid for devices that do not use Mc drivers, but it will be configured with the default values, if the driver does not have a custom configuration established.

29 Mar, UPDATE:

I have seen that reinstalling the device without uninstalling it first does the configuration but I don’t see that it calls the init and added lifecycle. It only performs infoChanged and doConfigure.

This can be a problem in devices that need to perform procedures in those life cycles, for example, the Aeotec multipurpose sensor configures the acceleration cluster and its attributes in the added life cycle and therefore when performing this procedure it is not possible configure those attributes and it becomes inoperative to show acceleration and three axes.
Others devices perform battery voltage configuration or assignment of end points and components in the init lifecycle.

To solve this it would be necessary to perform a driver change, to zigbee Thing Mc, for example and then return to the original driver.
With this, the added and init life cycles will be re-performed, even if the configuration is not carried out, it will retain the one made in the reinstallation.

You won’t miss any routine or scene

@nayelyz Is this behavior expected or perhaps it would be better not to allow the reinstallation of devices without uninstalling them first, as happens with zwave.? With the risk that the device will partially inoperative.

Activating secure zigbee mode on the hub does not prevent the devices from being reinstalled without uninstalling them, it works exactly the same.