[EDGE DEVICE] Simple Harmony Bridge **Alpha Testing**

Yes, you are right @bertie_bassett

All edge drivers require a hub - i assumed you had one

You are not going to be able to send a WOL without a device inside your network that can send it. If alexa device will send it, you could probably still achieve this with a cloud based virtual switch in ST, that triggers an alexa routine to send the WOL (but im way out of my arena here)

Thanks so much for confirming.

The problem with what I’m trying to do is that the migration away from the Groovy IDE broke the functionality of the cloud based virtual switch I was using, which was customised so it could be seen as a trigger by Alexa and used to trigger the Alexa routine that sent the WOL packet. With the new Edge IDE this doesn’t work anymore, and AFAIK nobody has yet come up with a way that it can work.

And if you think you’re out of your arena, you have no idea how far out of mine I am!

I think I know how to solve this @bertie_bassett, I’ll drop you a DM

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I hadn’t really thought I would use this new functionality, but I changed my lighting automations to respond to “Starting” instead of “On”, and it’s actually a significant improvement. It causes the lights to turn on and dim instantly, rather than the full time it takes Harmony to report the Activity as fully “On”.

I also have a Routine that changes my receiver HDMI input (via GET, Harmony didn’t deal well with my receivers method of switching inputs) based on what Activity is being run, so this causes that to switch faster. This is great. Thanks!


Thank you so much! It works perfectly, instantly and better than the official smartthings/logitech integration ever has.


People who don’t have a smartthings/aeotec hub, and therefore cannot use any edge driver can still use API Browser plus (another community project that only requires a web browser ) to create both simple on/off virtual switches and virtual locks.

The on/off switch created there won’t work to trigger an Alexa routine at this time, but the virtual lock will. So those without a smartthings hub can use that virtual lock in place of the old groovy “Alexa switch“ devices.

And if you find it confusing starting an automation with a lock, you can create an extra smartthings routine, so that turning on the virtual switch unlocks the virtual lock. That keeps the lock invisible to the human, but still useful for the Amazon integration.

I apologize, I know that’s all off-topic for this thread, which is about an edge driver, and therefore requires a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, but I figured it was quicker to just respond in one post and get it over with.

Here’s the link to the thread about API browser plus.

SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

And here’s the community FAQ on virtual devices after Groovy. This includes information both for people with a ST hub and without, so might be useful to some of the readers of this topic as well.

FAQ: Creating Virtual Devices with the new architecture (Without the IDE) (2023)

Please start a new thread if you have any further questions that would be off-topic here. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, I’ve gone ahead and implemented since this post.

I went with a custom capability on a second component so we still get the convenience of a simple switch for on/off States.

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I already talked @bertie_bassett through doing exactly that ( just using simple device viewer instead)

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Thank you everyone - I really do appreciate it. Glad I commented (off topic!) on this thread in the first place. There’s lovely people here!

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NM - I figured it out. Had to go into the bridge settings and enable Get Config on Connect in order for it to pull in the new stuff. Thanks.
I’m on V2 of your Bridge but when I try to edit my Routine that watches for any of my Harmony Activities to turn on and switch that to watch for starting instead I don’t see that as an option. I only still see on or off. Is there something else I need to do?

Changing my power on lighting Routine to watch for my Harmony Activities status to switch to “starting” rather than “on” is a great change. Now my lighting Scene initiates almost instantaneously when I start any of my Harmony Activities. Thank you for adding the more fine grained last status update. Nice improvement!


I doubt the config on connect would cause/fix this, it’s more likely your phone hadn’t yet downloaded the presentation files for the new custom capability. It’s happened to me before.

It will fix itself, but if you ever need to force it - clearing the cache on the smartthings android app fixes the problem ( forces all cached presentations to be deleted and redownloaded), I presume there is a similar thing on iPhone but not sure.

It must have been a very odd coincidence then. I opened the app and tried to change the Routine to use Last Status Update starting rather than on. Only on or off was available. The Last Status Update category was not there for any Activity. Completely closed the ST app and tried again and it still wasn’t there. Completely closed the app again and tried again, still wasn’t there. Went to settings for the Harmony Bridge and turned on Get Config on Connect. Completely turned off the ST app. Opened the app and then went to edit the routine and last status update was now there for all Activities. This is on an iPhone 14 Pro.

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So what am I missing here? I tried to edit the button command on my phone, in the web, and it will not open a box to enter in the command. It does connect (I have the correct IP), but I can’t put in the commands.

Hi @Rob_DeSpain

There is a problem stopping the ‘button command’ setting on the settings page working correctly, however that setting is really only used for testing. Is that what you are having trouble with?

Let me know what you are trying to do and I’ll advise you

Under settings → Button command - Put your command here it won’t let me put anything in there. I select it by tapping on it, doesn’t open a box to enter in the command.


Yes, that’s the bit that is broken, but as I said it’s only really used for testing anyway.

Can you tell me what you were planning to use it for and I’ll advise and alternative way to achieve it.

Oh of course! I lost all functionality of my lights, and remote power switches. I used to be able to hit a button the remote (the light switch button on the harmony) and it would turn my lights on and off. I also had my power switches on my amps automatically turn on during my harmony sequences. But something (most likely an update) recently broke the integration on both of them.

I then imported (linked / connected) smart things with harmony, and found that was a HUGE mistake. It imported all 79 devices and made the remote so laggy it was useless.

All I would like to do is remap the button on the logitech remote (one of the light buttons) to control my lights again (that are already setup in smartthings).

And I would like to add my amp functionality again so I can re-add them to the harmony startup / shut down scripts.

This driver is for controlling harmony devices from st

This driver cannot do this directly, you cannot map the light/plug buttons on your remote to st devices without the official integration. What you can do is make the lights/plugs come on at the same time as an activity by using automations and this driver.

so the communication only works one way? It is meant for smart things to control harmony, not the other way around? well back to square one haha