EcoVent & Keen install log

(Devesh Batra) #1

I had the opportunity to install both the Keen and Ecovent systems in my home and wrote a small blog post on them (my first)

Hope you find it useful

Please let me know if you have any questions on how either system works.


(Bob D.) #2

Thanks for the comparison. When the Flair vents become available, your comments will be appreciated

(Benji) #3

Thank you, I initially pre-ordered the EcoVent but had more and more been considering Keen, this kinda sealed the deal for me.

(David Forsthoffer) #4

I have had my ecovent installed for almost two weeks now…had some communication issues but they have been resolved. System is working well - room temperatures staying on target. App is basic but it works - they are planning to enhance. I worked directly with them on the communication issues and they stated that they are planning integration with smart things…but their priority is getting their product as good as possible first…

(Devesh Batra) #5

@David_Forsthoffer i was also working directly with Ecovent, but given the high failure rate, challenges with the sensor placements in the room, and the fact that my family did not like the way the ceiling vents looked, i ended up requesting a return…

(Mike Maxwell) #6

any chance you could review the native application functionality?
Appreciated, thanks

(Devesh Batra) #7


Are you looking for anything specific that they have not covered in their blog ?


(Mike Maxwell) #8

Well yea, there is the sales pitch, and there is the actuality.
I’ve read the blog, doesn’t mean the mentioned functionality works…

I mean we didn’t purchase these vents to have the privilege of adjusting them manually from our phones did we?

(Devesh Batra) #9


Agree… i have been using the Auto mode with the bridge and have a setpoint set ± from the nest temp for different rooms as to how hot/cold they were before the vent install and for the most part the rooms are close to the Nest temp setpoint (using a handheld thermostat to verify)

Unfortunately, there is no detailed logging in the Keen app and unlike a zwave device, i cant add the vent to both ST & Keen hub to get the logs in ST to verify operation

I have set 2 rooms to close during night and when i check the vents in these rooms they appear to be closed, the temp is lower than the nest temp even when the Thermostat calls for heat and then they open again in the morning when the schedule in the Keen App dictates…

(Mike Maxwell) #10

Oh, OK, do you/did you take a base line temp in these rooms prior to running the app to see what the before and after differences were?
Does the Keen app actually control the room temps accurately in relation to the zone offset settings that you configure?
You have to open and close the vents on a schedule?, I don’t understand the point of that, can you explain?

(Devesh Batra) #11


I did do a manual base line, nothing fancy…

e.g. my Powder room would get to 74 deg with the Nest set to 70 (the manual vent was closed 3/4 of the way)

I added the Keen vent and set the temp to -4 and now the powder room stays close to 69 when the Nest is holding its temp at 70

(Ben H) #12

This is the only thread I’ve seen anywhere with Ecovent experience. I can’t argue with the complaint about the look of the vents or sensors but I can’t yet find a comparable system. It doesn’t seem like Keen can play quite the same role and is intended to place in a few small rooms. If you want upstairs/downstairs regulated etc you’d need something like Ecovent. Anyone have any updates on Ecovent feedback ? @David_Forsthoffer how’s yours working out ? I’m investigating it for new construction.

(Devesh Batra) #13

You can use any Zwave or zigbee temp/motion sensor to trigger any compatible vent in Smartthings with a smart app. I’m using keenect with ecobee thermostats in my zones along with a combination of ecobee and zigbee temp sensors. aleo has interesting vent /sensor combos out

Keen also supports the ecobee thermostat and sensors with their hub if you are looking for a closed system.

(David Forsthoffer) #14

I love my Ecovent system…works great. There are a few improvements still
to be made by nthey are minor-would like real notifications of battery
failure vs having to go into the app…etc.

Additionally, they promised SmartThings integration and that hasn’t
happened yet…

I bought it to balance temperature better - it does a great job at that…


(Ben H) #15

Good to hear @David_Forsthoffer . BTW, how long do the vent batteries last ? Notification would indeed be nice as would perhaps larger/longer lasting batteries. I assume the vent switches to wide open if they’re dead ?

I’d like to see one of the vents in person. Hard to tell how attractive they are (floor in my case). I hope they do some updated vent versions.

Is your setup a non-zoned single speed furnace ?

Sorry all the questions, you’re the only live user I’ve come across. There are a few threads on Houzz and hvac-talk but they’re peppered with (often hostile) but speculative responses. This would be for a 2 story 4k ft home. Contractors are bidding zones but sounds like I wouldn’t want them for Ecovent.