Ecovacs Deebot N79

Is there anything I can do to help, I have a development background and just bought a N79 :).

Maybe contact Albert_Louw as he has taken the lead on this one.

@Albert_Louw can you share a link with the code as you have it now? I am willing to alpha test and hunt down bugs.

Also here to test - would love to get the N79 hooked up.

@Albert_Louw Hey Albert, can you share what you have gotten to so far? Have you started turning this into a custom DH yet?


I hadn’t had much time to go any further into the code, so the code as it is right now is working for starting / stopping and some more commands.
It’s in java (eclipse project) and can be found at;

Hope this helps you guys out into starting your own integrations.


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I think we should keep going at this. I’ve been really busy so I haven’t had time to take a look. As the weather starts to get cold I’m sure I’ll have more time. I can tell you I did contact the product team for the vacuum and they claim to be releases and api at the end of the year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I heard the same thing from another company (NuHeat floor thermostats), they are 6 months late so far so I did it on my own.

Eric, I am glad someone else is willing to carry on, and help. Thanks.

I just got mail that Deebot M80 pro skill has been added to Alexa. You can do three commands activate, pause and recharge. I wonder if they have released the API for all? Can anyone check if N79 got the access as well?

ECOVACS DEEBOT Skill now supports: DEEBOT M80Pro, M81Pro, M87, M88, R95, R96, R98 and DEEBOT OZMO 610.
We are working hard on enabling more robots to be compatible with Alexa.

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The 81 is on sale. Looking to get it. How do you guys like these vacs? I mostly need it for hardwood floors where my 6 year old dog likes to pee in front of the doggie door…

I have 2 N79 vacuums for hardwood floors. My wife and I love them.


  • Cheap
  • They clean
  • They seem to run longer than advertised


  • They are dumb, they go in one direction until they get close to an object (or hit it) and then turn to another random direction. Even though they are dumb, they work.
  • App isn’t that great.
  • No ST integration, yet!
  • Has parts that require replacement, but a lot of other vacs to do
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I have had other robotic vacuums, and this one is far from dumb. I find this one is more able to negotiate from hard wood floors to area rugs with padding, to a marble threshold onto a tile floor, than my more expensive robot. I have also found if you follow the directions about the distance on the left and right and in front of the charger, the robot always finds it’s home. Yes it has gotten stuck under a piece of furniture, but so did my Roomba. I have also found that my N79 cleaned my bedroom floor faster than my other robots and then had plenty of battery to do my living room dining room and family room. But again everything with these robots depends on type of floor, size of rooms and how much furniture is in the way. Example in my dining room with a large parsons table and six chairs, the robot takes longer to clean than my much larger den.

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This is all true.

When I said dumb, I was refering to the fact that the robots plan for a path around the room was more random than straight lines like my two Samsung PowerBot.

I agree the plan looks very indecisive, but I am not so sure. I wish I had kept a video I had made of the vac running in the Master Bedroom. it seems to follow the same path every single time it is run. Unless of course something in the room is out of place. I looked at the video for the first ten minutes as I started the robot again and sure enough it left the dock and went over the same path, 90% of the time. One time it diverted because an area rug was moved so very slightly. With area rugs depending on the height of the rug plus the non slip pad if it hits it just a fraction off, it will follow a different path.

Ok, it might not be random. But you will never get the nice lines like my PowerBot. Hardwood it’s just fine.

That is true.

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I have the Deebot Slim2, and using a Harmony Hub to automate, but it’s pretty clunky because it turns off other activities (which makes zero sense to me), I’m hoping the Broadlink RM Pro will perform better. Ideally, this will one day get integrated into SmartThings, as it has an app already, then it could be automated via WiFi? And it won’t matter if the charging station is out of sight of the RF signal?

I would just love to be able to start cleaning and respond to charge. I contacted Deebot and they said Alexa integration may come. But then another guy said no because of the firmware.

Hi, folks! Inspired by Albert’s code (thanks, Albert!), I wrote a simple command-line python script that bosses my Deebot N79 around. I put my code up on Github. I wrote it to solve the one problem I had, which is that I wanted to be able to say how long a scheduled cleaning should last. (My place is small, so 15 minutes is plenty.) You can thus do something like:

sucks clean 15

To clean for 15 minutes and then return to the charger.

I mention it here mainly as possible inspiration for others, but I’m glad to take patches if people want to extend it.