Ecobee3 and Smartthings Multi Sensor

I have been reading and have seen where we can pole the data from the ecobee sensors and use them to trigger other events but is it possible to use the Smartthings multi sensor to report temps to the Ecobee? I keep reading where the Ecobee sensors take up to 15 minutes or so to report motion and temperature, I am wanting the ability to do this a little faster and use the motion to trigger lights and events.

I guess in a nutshell can I use another multi sensor to report motion and temps to my thermostat?


You’d need some special smartapps to do so, like my zoned heating/cooling solutions.

BTW, my smartapps work with any ST connected thermostats including ecobee3.

See my thread here:


Actually I have looked at your website and apps and read all the great reviews about them. I am just still so new I’m leery of spending money and not using any of the functions. That and I had a hard time understanding whats what on your web site.

Hi @Intimnasc,

Start with reading the supported features section:


P.S. There are also some “free smartapps” that you can use with My Ecobee device at my github:

Those smartapps are leveraging its unique features which make it the most comprehensive ecobee integration for SmartThings.