Ecobee thermostat with remote sensor not showing up properly in SmartThings

I have a small apartment that I am using an Ecobee thermostat in conjunction with a Mini Split HVAC unit. I am using SmartThings as the control interface.

I have placed the physical thermostat on top of the unit high up on the wall due to wiring constraints, and I am using a remote sensor on the floor level to make sure the temp is reading properly. The unit has a high cathedral ceiling and there is typically about a 5-7 degree difference in temp from floor to ceiling due to heat rising, etc.

The readout/control works perfectly on the Ecobee app, however it looks like SmartThings is still picking up the default built-in sensor to display the temp.

In the below example I had the Heat set to 70. The Ecobee app shows a current temp of 68 (the remote sensor). SmartThings shows the correct setting of 70 and and the shows the unit is running, however it displays a current temp of 74…which will be confusing to my guests when they try to adjust the temp to meet their comfort needs.

I could not find a setting in the app to tell SmartThings to use the remote sensor vs the default.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you!!