Echo + Wink ! ! ! --- Echo + ST =?

While integration via ASK is nice, the actual use of non-native devices is cumbersome. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the difference between “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” and “Alexa, ask SmartThings to turn on the kitchen lights” is significant. Until that gap is addressed I’m going to stick with the Hue emulator.

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I agree 1000%

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I agree too. I still have to try out the “ASK” version but using the bridge hack just works so well. The problem is that it is a hack and will eventually go away. I have every confidence that ST will have native integration with this so as long as the hack hangs around until they can integrate it, I am perfectly fine.

The ASK integration is a more “stable” approach because it’s using official channels but I just cannot get past the “ask SmartThings…” addition to what is already needed to say.
For my wife to say “Alexa, turn off the hallway lights” and have it work for her is AWESOME! She just did it last night and smiled (WAF!!!) If she has to remember “Alexa, tell SmartThings to turn off the hallway lights”, she will never use it.

Just my $.02


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Haha, getting the Wife on board has been fun for me as well. I need to stop playing around and find things that are useful to her.

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I just reprogrammed my Echo to use “the house” instead of “smart things”. It works perfectly.

So, “Alexa, tell the house to activate evening mode” works…

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And after @zpriddy adds his next enhancements, you could do this:

Alexa, tell the house to say Party Time!

:grinning: :grinning:


Needs more branding!

“Amazon, tell SmartThings, an independent subsidiary of Samsung, to turn the lights off.”


So maybe I should set up both.
“Turn on hallway lights” for lights via the bridge hack
"Tell the house to activate night mode" for modes and other stuff using the ASK method.

I guess I was thinking I had to use one or the other. My wife would mainly use lights only so the simpler command would work great for that and I would be the one doing more advanced tasks.

Running both at the same time should not cause any problems, right?

Yeah @Tyler that would definitely increase the WAF :smile:

Ya, they should co-exist, even with the same devices.

The cool thing about Hello Home phrases is that it gives you a way to use common verbal phrases to command simple actions instead of “turn on hallway lights”. For example, “tell the house to say Bright Hall”. The actual phrase is what is customized, turning on the switch is what happens.

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As long as I can come up with Hello Home, Mode, Switch, and Group names that are unique across that entire set of domains, then I’m perfectly happy to say:

  • “Night mode on”
  • “Turn on movie mode” (where Movie Mode is actually a Hello Home Action).


All the above can be done with the Hue Bridge emulation method.

Can you do modes and HH phrases with the emulator? I thought it only did switches. I’m still trying to learn what all the emulator can do. I guess I thought the only DeviceType that worked was Switch.

I’m in the process of adding that functionality.

Echo will only send switch name, on, off, dim level.

So most deterministic way to handle this is make sure your Hello Home Actions all start with a keyword different than a Switch. I’ll keep you posted, but ideas welcome.

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Perhaps just use a virtual switch? I guess the down side would be having a lot of virtual switches.


I have nothing against Virtual Switches or other Devices when necessary, and that is definitely an OK short-term solution to the Echo via Hue Bridge Emulation integration.

But since we can arbitrarily enhance the Emulation and/or related Endpoint SmartApp, Virtual Switches aren’t the optimal solution.

I will be patiently waiting :smile:

I finally got the HeloHome phrases working with the ASK code :slight_smile:


Having a break through on something like that is a great feeling. Congratulations!

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Where do I get information on the hue bridge hack? I see @zpriddy thread but would like to look at both.

I followed this by @nelemansc. The emulator and @zpriddy’s can work hand in hand as well.