Echo + Wink ! ! ! --- Echo + ST =?

(Coolcatiger) #1

Echo + Wink !! Echo + ST ???

When is ST going to get the native support? Nest is taking ages not hopeful …

Don’t see any new integration on ST platform. What’s gong on?

Is Samsung killing it?

SmartThings and Amazon Echo (Using ASK)
(sidjohn1) #2

The community is actively working on it

(Morgan) #3

Is ST supporting a supported app to Amazon Echo and going to natively support ST or is there going to need to be that bridge with the Hue Emulation in between the Echo and ST to have it work.

(Tim Slagle) #4

Lets put it this way… I’ve heard the name “Alexa” many times in the last week.

(Cassidy) #5

@slagle are you able to give any more details regarding whether it is a native integration like Hue/WeMo/Wink or will it be a skill/app?

(Tim Slagle) #6

I’m sorry, your call could not be completed as dialed. Please try again later.

(Cassidy) #7

Figured it was worth a shot :smile:

(Coolcatiger) #8

Wonder why other companies are able to integrate faster than ST?

(Ray) #9

I hope it’s going to have native integration. I really don’t want another hub/simulator/computer/pie running at my house. I Have enough stuffs running to have Hawaii temperature at my house all year round already but then again… Better than nothing.

(Zpriddy) #10

Haha… I won’t lie… Hearing the name Alexa over and over and over again can get really tiring… lol

(Coolcatiger) #11

Can not wait for native app. Finally I used solution from community to connect Alexa to ST. It’s awesome.

(Bruce Ouellette) #12

same here i can’t wait it would be a great step for ST


If Wink can do it, it must not be hard to implement. This type of voice interface is everything a home automation user wants from their systems.

(Geko) #14

One can only hope it won’t be relegated to the “Labs” purgatory and then quietly abandoned.

(Zpriddy) #15

I just finished up my Alexa integration for Nest… And now I am planning on starting work on my integration for SmartThings… I think its safe to say that it will probably be out in the next two weeks or so… I will say that it will probably require the use of a raspberryPi…

(Zpriddy) #16

Just so everyone here knows… I am moving my updates over to:


While integration via ASK is nice, the actual use of non-native devices is cumbersome. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the difference between “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” and “Alexa, ask SmartThings to turn on the kitchen lights” is significant. Until that gap is addressed I’m going to stick with the Hue emulator.

(Coolcatiger) #18

I agree 1000%

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(Scott Windmiller) #19

I agree too. I still have to try out the “ASK” version but using the bridge hack just works so well. The problem is that it is a hack and will eventually go away. I have every confidence that ST will have native integration with this so as long as the hack hangs around until they can integrate it, I am perfectly fine.

The ASK integration is a more “stable” approach because it’s using official channels but I just cannot get past the “ask SmartThings…” addition to what is already needed to say.
For my wife to say “Alexa, turn off the hallway lights” and have it work for her is AWESOME! She just did it last night and smiled (WAF!!!) If she has to remember “Alexa, tell SmartThings to turn off the hallway lights”, she will never use it.

Just my $.02


(Scott) #20

Haha, getting the Wife on board has been fun for me as well. I need to stop playing around and find things that are useful to her.