Echo speaks ad hoc announcements

I would like to be able to input a string so that my echo can say it . I would like to be able to change the string. I know that echo has the concept of announcements but those have to be triggered by a door opening or something. What I was envisioning was a little interface where one could have a text input box and then press send to have the echo say the string. I know that the amazon echo doesn’t handle this out of the box but I was hoping someone might be able to conjure up some sort of hack using echo speaks. I think we could use a virtual device to trigger the announcement. The only tricky thing is figuring out how to make the announcement be variable. It would be nice if echo speaks could pull the text string from a url query string or something like that.

This is trivial request using “Echo Speaks” and “webCoRE”. You can send any string you want into Echo Speaks and target your echo devices. With webCoRE you can build a RESTful interface that takes a JSON body or URI urlencoded line like

I have been goofing around using AWS Pinpoint to have a SMS incoming message target this solution and allows me to send text to my echos at home. Not overly useful, but freaks my house out.

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BigTalker2 has a “talk now” capability that i use for this.

Can you give me a couple examples of what you are wanting to send?

I have some ideas for you.

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I would like to send messages like ‘Please pick up the phone. I am calling.’
Or ‘I am on a work call, I will call you after a bit.’
I would really like the capability to be able to specify a message on the fly and state which echo in my house I would like for the message to be said to.

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Use EchoSpeaks to get your Echo devices to register as vox synths.

For on the fly, use BigTalker. For program stuff use webCoRE and EchoSpeaks.

For truly on the fly use EchoSistant.

You just say to a device, including the Alexa app on your phone, tell the living room, answer the phone I’m calling