Echo Show for 179

If anybody is in the market for Echo Show, Staples has it for $179.99 in store.

Web site still shows $229.99 so Bestbuy does not match.

Update: Amazon has same price for Prime members only.

That’s the normal $50 off they’ve been running since the prerelease of the Show

It went down to $149 Dec 8 and shot back up to @229 after Dec 24.

Haven’t this “normal” until now. Unless of course you’re referring to Buy 2 get $100 off.

$229 with a $50 coupon for Prime members is $179. At least how I learned math.

You must be thinking of the deal if you purchase 2 echo shows - get $100 off.

That deal is still active. Currently at Amazon, buy two and get a $150 discount as long as you are a prime member.

The $50 discount is a one time offer.

This is current

It’s $100 off for 2 for everyone or $50 off for 1 for prime members (one time deal expires 1/18)

As a note, the $50 off can be combined with the buy two get $100 off if you are a prime member. The $50 off can only be applied once.

That makes the Echo Shows $154.99 a piece.

Good catch. However, in the offer details says limit one per customer. This means a total of $150 off for 2 Echoes.